is it time to say enough is enough?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RNMAMULL, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Sniffer dog searches and X-ray machines spark religious objections from London's Muslims

    Improved security checks on London's public transport system have put the police on collision course with Muslims over fears they are at odds with the religion.
    Extra sniffer dogs and X-ray machines for screening bags have given to the British Transport Police who patrol the Tube and the rail system in an effort to prevent terror attacks.

    But some Muslims have complained that being searched by dogs is against their faith because dogs are "spiritually unclean".
    And some female Muslims have complained that X-ray machines are unacceptable because it was the same as being forced to strip.
    During trials of the new resources in the capital, passengers had the exterior of their luggage checked by dogs.

    But one Asian man told researchers: I don't mind dogs in the park or walking near me, but sniffer dogs? I don' think that's right."A Muslim woman, asked to walk through a scanner, also complained saying: "Sometimes I wear clothing which is not so tight. It will be shown on (the monitor) and somebody is looking at it. It defeats the whole purpose of covering up."
    But a BTP spokesman said that the security checks would continue but officers would be considerate. He said: "We are obviously aware of and sensitive to any cultural sensitivities. BTP officers do have the power to stop and search anyone under the Terrorism Act.

    "This also covers use of the dog handlers and dogs, which are used to 'indicate' any substance they have been trained to detect."
  2. Cultural sensitivities be damned.

    If the purpose is security and a white anglo-saxon protestant has to go through the system, then so can every other bugger.
  3. So I take it that none of these Muslims ever fly then.

    Sounds like they are just trying it on. I am sure they expect to be able to make some money out of this.

    So basically f*ck them. No special treatment for them needed. They are not special an their religion is no excuse for being treated the same as everyone else.

    I hope one of the dogs takes a piss on one of them just to make their day complete.
  4. As this is not only targetted specifically at muslims then it is totally legal.
    If you don't like it Feckin walk.
  5. Anyone any idea why this was moved from Current Affairs?
  6. This is terrible. A few weeks ago when I suggested that anyone ( a foreigner) not comfortable with life in their adopted country should head for Heathrow I was called a racist. (They haven't seen Mrs R) It must be an infringement of their human rights to have the olfactory sense of an animal detcet their offensive weapons. As for getting a butchers of there outline by X ray then serious compensation is called for.
    Me , I'm going to join them as they are clearly overpowering the Anglo-Saxons in a manner unknown since Roman times. See you all at the High Court.
  7. :evil: Hmmmm isnt it strange the only people complaining are the ones who are the main reason for the security measures .

    Bit like old Gerry Adams complaining of police harrassment when he wants them all dead !

    Fouk off if you dont like it ,go live in an Islamic country and see if they put up with your shoite ! BET THEY DONT !

    TOSSERS ........someone in politics needs to grow a pair and tell these Kippeneukers where to go !

    country is going to the dogs (NO PUN INTENDED) :evil:

    #Kippeneuker (dutch translation of kippeneukers here
  8. whatnow?
    I totally agree with you, but David Cameron and his bunch don't really look like a serious rescue party. We have led the World in many ares of government. Perhaps it is time to change the mould again and call it True Democracy by Direct Action or something similar.
  9. Extreme sarcasm mode on: Theres no need for sniffer dogs to check People of a certain faith, because no person who follows this certain religion of peace would ever be caught dead wearing a Sem-tex vest. No Siree Bob never happen........Extreme sarcasm mode off. :roll:
  10. If this sort of nonsense continues from the minority bacon butties, by 2010 the B.N.P political arm of the zani party may well come third in the general election.

    Now thats a freaky thought!
  11. where is this story sourced from?
  12. Daily Express 27/06/2008

    Click me

    And me
  13. If there is a better system out there for detecting than a 4 legged pal then am sure it would be in use.

    It is a fact of life that x ray machines and dogs are the best deterrent used.

    As for infringement on their human rights, a bit of common sense must be applied as tact and politeness are always the best approach when someone is feeling awkward.

    The headline:
    From the article:
    There are about 1 million muslims in London. The headline makes it seem as though they are all objecting, yet the article only gives quotes from a few.

    I have no truck with religionists of any stripe when they invoke rules from a sky-pixie to demand special treatment. I do object to misleading articles as news though.

    Sensitive to what? Want to use transport? You will be checked then. Object? WalK! This "sensitive to cultural sensitivities" nonsense annoys me.
    FFS! Police should apply the law to everyone with no special consideration for anyone.
  15. Typical Daily Express sensation seeking crap. It could equally be said that some white anglo saxon protestants support UBL/OBL or some Jews think Hitler was a nice guy and merely misunderstood.

    Presumably that's why this has been moved to rumour, gossip and scandal, not because the story was reported incorrectly, but because the report infers that this is a view commonly held by all muslims.

    Don't believe everything that you read, and that's coming from a WASP (White Angle Saxon Protestant)