Is it time to put ourselves first and our own house in order

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Is it time to put ourselves first and our own house in order?

    It's an interesting question, don't you think?

    Since the end of the cold war, the world I knew and grew up in has changed out of all proportion. My country too has changed out of all proportion, and not, I feel for the better.

    Why are we wasting our servicemen's lives on foreign fields and paying for it with tax money when we have deep social problems on our own doorsteps? Do we need to be the mongrel mutt of the world's bad cop while our neighbours in Europe choose to spend their tax cash on their own people? Do we really stand a cat in hells chance of bringing our 'way of life', democracy, education, equal rights, trial by jury etc. to those parts of the world that have NEVER had them in this the 21st centuary? Should we really put so much on our relationship with a country that states on its money 'In God we trust', yet is the most godless place in the 'civilised' world?

    The above and more were put to me this evening. My answer? Fcuked if I knew, but I know a place were people might....
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ever thought of going into get my vote :wink:
  3. A place wee people might... what?

    Meet up and discuss not being able to reach stuff at the shops?

    Or having to buy childrens shoes?
  5. Ta, edited due to mong spelling, now enlighten us with a witty answer.
  6. I would agree with Ozduke, our 'special relationship' with the USA is getting a bit tenous. I could possibly understand why we were in such a relationship back in the 30s and 40s, what with them supplying us with bullets to fight the Bosch. However now, I think that we need to take our country back, not by the hand but by the balls.

    Get everything fcuking sorted, but then again, I got an E in my politics A-Level, so I'm probably not a qualified contributor.
  7. This is something also i have seen and said since the very begining of this whole farce.

    No good can come of this and while we continue to lose the social fabric of our own people and society by under investment in everything from social welfare to quality Research and Development in both indutry and education.

    While we continue too try and make every civil service post run on business models and the the uniformed Public services either remote and PC driven or kept working only by sponsorship, or marketing, Crab airs venture into the fashion market is frankly appaling on so many levels.

    Mean while the Celebrity cult grows, as we fight a war on two fronts, most of joe public i feel does support the forces but they are now either so disconnected with the waves of spin on this war of terror or working there arse's off to try and pay the bills.

    The Tax burden can only increase and there is still no clear exit stratrgy, It will not be so far when the treasury will have too deal with this, Are we too go once more cap in hand too our allies the Americans too borrow the money too continue too support them.

    They them self have Fiscal problems ahead, some because of the war's some because bush has spent and spent and spent.

    Yes i would be good and beifical for many people in the war torn and ravaged parts of the world too have life safe and free from terror pain diseace, persecution.

    But realy is this likely to happen and let us drop the moral issue's and instead use the cold hard plain spreadsheet driven world of money is it profitable too try! I belive not!
  8. Selling us bullets
  9. Yeah, that's what I meant.