Is it time to merge the 3 services?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by unixman, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. This is a major "tin hats" on time but I feel that given the shrinkage of the services that is coming , including the size of the army which might well be smaller than any time since the Boer War (which then had a far smaller logistics tail than today), vast savings might well be made by forming a single service.

    I am not thinking of the Canadian model which proved to be deeply flawed but maybe something of the lines of the US Marines - which is about the same size anyway as all the UK forces.

    Now traditionalists will hate the idea but individual units within the single service would still have their own identity - the Royal Blankshire Fusiliers would still be the Royal Blankshire Fusiliers - but the overall structure of the forces would be simplified.

    Officer training (for instance) would be performed centrally; subsequently individuals would follow the career path they chose.

    Some of the current lunacies will disappear (who controls helicopters is a classic) ...

    Just an idea .....

    As I said I fully expect to get flamethowered for this but WTF !
  2. No question?
  3. And why not?
  4. I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why the Army must rely on the Junior Service for it's airborne logistics ............. :roll: EDITED to add: not knocking the men and women - just the seperate command structure.

    With as small an Armed Forces as we have you wonder if the USMC has a model we should look to. Although I can see the sense in seperate Navy and Air Intercept forces.

  5. 1. Navy mans equipment, Army mans men, RAF yet to man up...

    2. If you saw the cluster that is joint procurement, then you really don't want to go there..

    3. Forming the MoD was a bad idea, don't make it worse.. We managed to rule half the world from a couple of offices in Whitehall. Now we seem to need the combined administration of a town the size of Oxford to patrol somewhere with a population smaller than Neasden..

    4. "Changing anything always results in having more Civil Servants.." (Harriet's Law)
  6. No ! Not novel or intelligent - cunt .
  7. Wow! Such an impressive and eloquent argument. Would you care to expand on that?

    If the thread was in the NAAFI, your argument would be acceptable. :D

  8. Yep - without a doubt - at least big parts of it. Why we need 3 seperate AGC/pay types is beyond me - with JPA it should all be one form for most stuff anyway.
    Chaplains, PT Corps, Chefs, Medics, Lawyers, infact most attached could all be tri service and do away with a whole shed load of top brass. Dentists already doing that.
    Bloke on the politics show was just saying the exact same thim 10 minutes ago - and that was new Tory MP, Colonel Kemp.
  9. Yes, should be more destroyers in Helmand, i havent seen one.
  10. Multi-tasking training - let the fly boys do patrols in Afghan...
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Does he have a brother with an MM?
  12. Might be cheaper in the long run but short term it'll cost a fortune...just a thought.
  13. Can't see a problem.

  14. At least you are are being sensible - unlike the gratuitous insult above ...

    Examples abound: why is there a RAF regiment? Or even the RM (although coming from an RM family that is almost heresy!)? There is nothing that those units could do that the army couldn't ....

    As much as I like military bands, surely having 22 military bands (in the army alone) is far to many (& yes I am perfectly aware of their operational duties)

    Simplify, streamline, remove duplication of resources.
  15. Remember the USMC is not a single self sufficient service - it is a fourth indpendent service.