Is it time to get rid of the Ghurkas?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BernardMcCabe, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Listening to how the Army is strapped for cash added to the fact that most Infantry Regiments are being capped because they are overmanned is it time to do away with our friends from Nepal. Personally I think it is because they are no longer the cut price dealers of death that they were originally recruited for. They now get nationality which is right, (serving Queen and Country its the least we can do) but of course that now has an impact on infrastructer of the UK and the added burden to national health services ect. I feel that along with the rest of the country it is now time to make some challenging decisions and I think this should be one of them. Apologies for any mong spelling!
  2. If we did, what would joanna lumley do to get in the papers?!?!
  3. I think all our home-grown chav retards killing themselves on Buckfast and L&B are more of a drain on the NHS...

    So you reckon it's a good idea to do away with an entire bde in a time when the army's busier than it's been for years?
  4. Recruiting is also on the up. Put bluntly why are we paying foriegners when we have so many unemployed? Years ago they were a lot cheaper so it was easier to argue keeping them. Now they almost the same rights and in some cases are costing the army more than a British soldier would.

  5. I don't agree with you, when the economy was ok and most of the Army was undermanned our Gurkha Battalions were always full and they always will be. There has been countless times when Infantry Battalions deployed on Ops have been backfilled with a Gurhka RC.
    As for cost, they are proberly the best vaule for money infantry battalion you can get, there retention is very good therefore no re-training recruits unless through natural wastage. The Army gets the full lengh of service out of them. Just my thoughts though.!
  6. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Crikey, next thing I'll hear is getting rid of the paras because they don't jump out of aeroplanes, giving the cavalry helicopters because they are a more useful tool in modern warfare and also absorbing all planes into the navy to disband the RAF.

    However, who would do something like that?
  7. Don't be a mong. There are not many of them in comparison to our own home grown scroungers and, given that they are productive and employed, exactly how are they a drain on resources? They are inf and therefor rather useful in the current climate and when they retire they tend to hold down jobs.

    Or are you just a brown-skin is bad, BNP twat?
  8. Fully agree with the points you make, however there is now a longer term cost which I feel makes them less cost effective. I also agree with the point that the Army is overstretched but could the shortfall be made up with removing the capping and fill up some of the Regiments that have been disbanded?
  9. Im neither a mong or a member of the BNP you retard. I made a comment that I believe, if you disagree then by all means make your point as opposed to moronic statements.
  10. Gas your Chavs & Neds first, Ghurkas are of Value
  11. No, what happens when the current financial crises is over, I know it's become a fad to bin centuries of tradition but this is one well worth keeping.
  12. So the Ghurka Engineers, Signalers and RLC have been disbanded. I hope someone has told them :wink:

    The OP is opening a point for debate on something military for a change, by all means disagree, but at least add something other than abuse
  13. It would appear that some people think that loyalty and historic ties between nations are not worth a penny. Look out USA!
  14. Not everyone on the dole is a scrounger.
    They cost more (now) from teaching Officers to speak Nepalese to having to fly them back to Nepal every 5 years. You will also find alot of them are now transfering from the Ghurkas after 5 years into the regular army.

    Nice one with the BNP, do you always shout that out when people discuss those that are not British?
  15. Hmmm you mean like some of Nepal own goverment who were not keen on Ghurkas serving the UK?