Is it time to end the over 37 package?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Skein_Dubh, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Our Mess in Bulford is struggling to find room for new Seniors posted in and with cut backs in budgets means that people are getting pulled back in from SSSA accom.
    Is it really fair in this day and age that a married Senior over 37 can live rent free in the Mess when they have decided that voluntary seperation is the way ahead, when a single Senior in the same position must pay their way?
    Obviously, owing to their rank, they also get the pick of the rooms whilst others have to put up with transit accom.
    The sight of them tearing off on a Fri (or even Thu) lunchtime in a cloud of dust, as they head home for the weekend, leaves a sour taste in the mouth of those who have to tab over from Wing Bks to the Mess, past their empty rooms in the main block, for each meal over the weekend.

    As the title says, is it time to end the over 37 package?
  2. Stop your whinning. There's always going to be someone, somewhere on a better screw than you.....get the feck over it or join them.
  3. SSSA should exist because accommodation is not available. It is subsidised with the MoD paying commercial rates of rent.
    It is right that people should be pulled back from SSSA. Not only because of limited funds - it's all tax payers money.

    The over 37 package is subsidised in that it is free, but on the theory that the individual is already paying an accommodation charge (e.g. their rented or morgaged home) Similar to the basis that any soldier should be paying one accommodation charge at a time - SFA rent or SLA charges, or for one SFA only if there is a crossover between postings and they have not handed back the old SFA before they take their new SFA.

    It sounds a bit of sour grapes that the 'over 37' has somewhere to go.

    But on the 'pick of the rooms' are you saying that they were there first and have good rooms, or whenever an 'over 37' turns up they can take the pick of the crop and push out the junior senior singly?
  4. Didn't realise I had posted in the NAAFI!

    My point is we all have to bite the bullet with cost cutting.
    We are all expected to pay for the first 3 miles of our HDT to bring us more in line with Civvy street, as an example.
    Why can someone live rent free in the Mess when they are over 37, just because they are married?
  5. Totally agree as long as there is Mess standard accom for Seniors to move into.

    I pay a mortgage too but am single.

    Not sour grapes, just wondering why such well paid Seniors, most of whom are on VENG already, don't have to pay for their accom in this time of cutbacks?

    Maybe a bit of artistic licence there on my part. There always seems to be a room available in the main mess when they are posted in.
  6. It should stay as it is.

    For the over 37, settling the family down and getting your kids in to a school in order to do well in their exams is a must. Remember at 37, the majority are in their last 3 years. They'll be on ressettlement for the last year anyway.

    Admittedly, if the over 37 bloke is cutting away every weekend do they need the biggest and b est rooms? Probably not, but that is a local thing.

    I'm guessing your the sort of person who, on getting rid of the 37 package, would be on here in a few years beratng the CoC for not having such measures in place...
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  7. The over 37 package enables people to settle their families. It therefore removes the cost to Defence of quarters and CEA. It also removes many of the costs of welfare provision as families aren't hauled about the place.

    It is actually a saving for Defence.
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  8. Don't use logic! doesn't fit in with the OPs 'victim' mentaility.

    He'll be writing to 'Soldier' next.
  9. On the OPs point of 'rent free because you are married' isn't it rent free if you have a house? I was under the impression a singly (such as the OP is, and evermore shall be) could also claim the Over 37 package. Lving on his own through the week, and living in his own house at the weekend... on his own.
  10. Cos it's the way it is...for the moment, and you shouldn't have joined if you can't take a joke.

    There's always been untold examples of things in the mob that a) Don't seem 'fair' or b) Seem to make no sense whatsoever.

    Embrace it and smile and then rub your hands with glee when you think that you'll be able to do the same when you're 37 ...or join the RAF where someone may GAF about your whining.
  11. This isn't the NAAFI, but you are whinging.
  12. I would argue, and my apologies for posting in the Seniors Forum, that it was always aimed at soldiers/SNCOs/WOs in their last 3 years of service for all the reasons commented previously. It was not aimed at Officers who can serve to 55 and therefore if they wished, remain on the over 37 package for 18 years. Equally, now that extended service has been given to many, have we perhaps lost sight of what the over 37 package was aimed at. There is surely no cost saving in these days of austerity, if I have to place said SNCOs into SSSA, and we all know you make money on the system?
  13. Absolutely not. I thoroughly enjoyed my time bean-stealing in the Mess. I especially liked the winter evenings sat in the bar listening to the complaints of genuine singlies who were 'doubled up' in one room as I enjoyed double room 'rent free' accommodation. The GYH scheme was a bonus.

    Most singlies, if their 'concerns' are to be believed didn't like living in anyway. Whingers. the lot of them.
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  14. 'We'? There's no 'we' about it. You get fucked over by pads who don't pay for accommodation. Quite right I say.
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  15. As said, the Over 37 package is actually saving money. I think the issue some have is that it should be based on length of service rather than age, which could then mean anyone on it is actually in their last 3/4/5 years. If I remember rightly, when first introduced, it got the recipient Separation Allowance for which they would otherwise have been ineligible. As anyone serving MUA gets GYH, the only benefit is rent free Mess accommodation. Good luck to them.