Is it time for some honesty and to deliver 'One Army'?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hyperion, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. House of Commons report on SDSR Summary: MOD/Army failed to properly consider or integrate TA/Reserves in SDSR

    Pte Luke Cole (V). Despite MC awarded derisory pension due to 'part-time' status. Insulting, insensitive, disloyal, a disgrace.

    The TA has provided 15,000+ people to support Ops without any change in mission, establishment, or training support (RTCs generated from within), without any additional resources and within an unequal pay and allowances regime. The TA has also changed culturally in the last ten years without any help from the regular Army or the MOD.

    TA being increasingly 'regularised' by unsighted and erroneous standardisation yet without any change in resources, pay, or support.

    GCM introduced without a trial, without any proper basis in fact, and without the tacit consent of those that would be directly affected by it. Change will only work with the consent or understanding of those affected. The GCM has neither.

    FTRS opportunities being eroded yet even CGS's intent quotes ease of transfer between regular and TA service as a key aspiration.

    TA/Reserves do not have access to military primary health care (especially dental).

    TA is 30% of the Army, with 1% of the costs and about the same in representation at top level, yet delivers 10% of operational personnel on a rolling basis.

    Legislation (RFA 96 etc) to protect mobilised service is ineffective and the Army relies on willing volunteers.

    TA Pay and Allowances at a bare minimum (pay is 1/365th of a basic regular rate without any increments) yet being further eroded by GCM and T&S restrictions.

    JPA generally unavailable at weekends.

    The TA could be doubled at will to deliver double the utility at another 1% of costs - cost effective? I think so.

    Even though the TA is treated as second class citizens, it continues to turn up and deliver.

    Prime Minister, Mr Fox, Generals, MOD mandarins, is it not perhaps time that you had a long hard look at how the Reserves could be better utilised? Perhaps in a constructive way? Who knows, you might discover opportunities way beyond your expectations or invariably limited experience of the Reserves. After years of cuts, implementation of new regimes, deteriorating training facilities, and poor pay, the TA still turns up and parades.

    'A volunteer is worth ten pressed men' - best to start using that enthusiasm before you finally squeeze it dry.

    One Army? It's about time the promise became reality. This is the time to get it right.
  2. msr, thoughts please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. msr

    msr LE

    1) we've been sucking on the hind tit for 101 years
    2) defence is broke
    3) the guys keep showing up
  4. and we are just about to get our pants pulled over our heads !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hypo's got a point....

    It is about time that the TA stood up and was counted. What is happening with the TA in SDSR anyway?

    Anyone know?

    It's all a bit quiet for my liking.
  6. effing hell, TA whinging again, how many of you have jobs out there? a lot of guys are going to lose there jobs. So whilst you are working as bank managers, b and q line managers, taxi drivers, dentists, journalists, etc have a thought about the regulars who will become unemployed and not have the chance to earn pin money in the TA.

    Whinge whinge a lot of TA that I have served in ghanners and total shit were good blokes, it the ones that whinge all the time, the so called bounty hunters.

    you are important, nuff respect, the regulars deserve priority, so just wait out you will get your arse kicking. whinge whinge.
  7. msr

    msr LE


    House of Commons - The Strategic Defence and Security Review - Defence Committee

    Manpower costs and the Reserve Forces

    15. We welcome the Secretary of State's radical intent and attention to the number of senior officers in the Armed Forces, an issue which has required action for some time. We hope that the Review will consider other radical ideas relating to how the burden of accommodation, medical and education costs can be born more equitably across relevant Government departments. (Paragraph 25)

    16. We are disappointed that there has been no specific work-stream within the MoD on developing the role of the Reserve Forces, especially considering the radical intent behind the SDSR. We were assured that some of the MoD studies cover the use of Reservists, but it seems odd that there has been no discrete study dedicated to exploring this issue. We requested information concerning the relative costs of reservist and regular units—for example a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) regiment—but the MoD failed to provide comparative costings. This is unsatisfactory, and reveals MoD's failure to address seriously the option of placing capabilities into the Reserve Forces at much lower cost, as the Americans have done. We recommend that the increased use of Reservists should be properly covered by the NSC in its discussions. (Paragraph 26)
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find those serving in the TA have been 'feeling the effects' for quite some time now, and when laid off tend to get one week's wages for every year served...


    P.S. If you don't like what is being posted here stay out of the forum ;)

    P.P.S Heaven forbid any regular soldier ever having a whinge...
  9. I only stay for your warmth and wit, and i have fallen in love with your avatar.

    the title of one army was grating on me, not heard one iota of support for regular soldiers yet. I have had my pills and milk and promise to behave.

  10. msr

    msr LE

    Funnily enough, we haven't heard one iota of support for the TA...

  11. Because the TA is so far under the SDSR radar that you'll be dealt with in the tidying up after the main event. (ie there is no plan. Watch out for what the Regular Army looks like and then there will be a quick bit of extrapolation from that, perhaps with a bit of UK Ops tacked onto the side for appearances sake. And before MSR blows a gasket and quotes the HCDC at us again I'm not saying that is necessarily right, but it's a fact.

    You're an afterthought. Deal with it.
  12. so, 'Two Armies' then?
  13. No change then.

    I'd have thought that if the figures quoted are correct then the Regular Army would have used a degree of brains and hived more off to the TA cos it's saves buckets of money out of a hefty part of the budget.

    Change the law to smooth TA call ups and Empoyee protection, Change the T&C's so people know they will be called up at least once in a 4 year engagament and/or do at least one regular live firing/trade exercise in the same time frame.

    Or failing that, just stick to the normal routine of "in the box" thinking and give up
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Won't blow a gasket. I think a bit more 'benign neglect' is the most likely COA for us.


  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    People have the wrong idea about the SDSR. It will not be a massive Domesday Book saying that RAF Snodgrass is to shut in 2113, that HMS Troutbridge is to be decommisioned on Thursday, and that we are to lose 3 x Inf Bns by 2015.

    It will be a smaller, much much more fuzzy piece of work, I'm sure - giving vague outlines, proposals, etc., but without anything too specific. You know, "We need to retain our independent nuclear deterrent", that sort of thing, without mentioning tricky stuff like replacement, funding or timings.

    Give this likely extreme lack of clarity - do NOT expect the TA to even get considered. That bit is up to LAND, and a bit in the future at that.