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Is it time for Markintime to shut up and stop bleating?

He's made his point, he didn't like a photo of him being put up, he got all flouncy and a few handbags were thrown around with gay abandon.

However, he is now acting as if he is suddenly the moral compass of ARRSE, and seems to have an opinion on how everything should run and how everyone should behave.

Is it time for him to shut the fuck up and go back to telling lies about how he won GRANBY single-handedly by being a super secret US SF Scablifter?

ps. Yes i'm fucking hacked off, in the shitstorm my 10 year account and almost 7000 posts (some of them informative and helpful, most of them just bollocks) got zapped by accident. I wish the fat cunt would have the decency to just shut up and give it a rest for a while. :pig:
If it pleases the court, I wish to desist from any name calling and childish petulant behaviour toward Markintime.

In future I shall not be referring to him as The Patron Saint of Greggs.


MiT has always played the moral compass shit, essays on how to raise your children to defending the MODs so hard one could almost see his application to be one.

SS on the other hand has always been a shit, I respect his no nonsense approach to pricks like me.

PG is and will always be a sad little internet bully hiding behind his MOD persona to delight and enthrall the new kids on ARRSE.

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