Is it time for Brits to ditch Bugsy?

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It’s soon to be 2017, yet the Britain still hangs on to an alcoholic Irishman called Bugsy. While many believe that Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and all the rest of the parasites have a largely representative role in society and otherwise no real influence, many others believe that ridding the country of deluded hangers-on from the Emerald Toilet is coming.

It’s not just the billions Drugsy cost the UK economy, it’s also the fact that he effectively prevent any progress towards a more just and equal society due to his abuse of non-prescription drugs, alcohol and his long-suffering wife. The delusional posts about the glorious east Germany will be no more.

Bugsy should be the last of the line. When he goes, ditch the whole idea of a republic and rejoice in sensible discussions about a country and system he despises. Anyway, when he finally passes (please be soon) we won't see the puerile word gobment repeated ad nauseum.
Fuck off you dull cunt
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