Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by revmodes, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. After hundreds of years in which our nation has gone from being rulers of a vast empire , introducing democracy, courts of justice, industries and skills, education systems, as well as fighting for our own and others freedoms losing millions of our people doing so, to our present state of being a bit "actor " on the world stage, has the time come perhaps for us to step back and let some one else carry the burden ?

    Could we become a neutral state out of the EU ? think of some of the possible benefits:

    no more requirement for puffed up would be world leaders globetrotting.

    Defence spending at a level required to safeguard our borders, only the very best equipment .including our own nuc's

    Not so attractive to illegal immigrants, with our new policies on benefits designed to fit our new status as a non member.

    No more hugely expensive military involvement in the affairs of countries that , have nothing to do with us in the first place.

    A tax free trade zone, the free trade hub for europe.

    Could it be done? Perhaps the swiss and the Swedes would like a go at being world leaders for a few hundred years !
  2. I'd like a "Singapore" country. Independent, free trade, hard laws that benefit the majority, safe, hard immigration laws. strong [for it's size] defence, etc., Although by majority, Chinese extraction it is a truly multi-cultural society that works for its citizens.
  3. good idea.
  4. Yes spent some time serving there, and have been back on business a few times, if they can do it , why couldn't the U.K.
    Sod all the treaties etc that we have, go neutral/non EU.
  5. Your suggestion has a certain charm to it.

    However I would like us to continue to have some significant international influence/prestige so may be the Commonwealth might be a suitable vehicle.
  6. It's a good idea, but just one question about neutrality...

    Do you declare neutrality and fight anybody who opposes the declaration, or do other nations elect you into a position of neutrality and protect that position against other nations?
  7. I think the Singapore thing is a great idea (well, I would wouldn't I? :D ), but ARRSERs probably wouldn't go for it.

    It didn't get that way by accident or through the magical pixie-dust of market forces. It works so effectively because it has an enormous public sector to make it work and because their executives are some of the most highly paid people in the country. According to their Ministry of Manpower, some 12% of the population are employed in the category of 'Public Administration and Education Services'. The Public Service Division alone employs 120,000 out of a population of under 5 million.

    Can't see any of that going down too well with the 'slash public spending except for the bits I like' brigade, TBH. They'll love the authoritarian Dominant Party system I'd bet - so long as it's the right party that dominates, of course.
  8. Singapore !
    Always luvved the Hardtalk interview where the Beeb man is trying to give the Minister of Employment, a Lady of Chinese extraction a hardtime over Social Security.
    The lady then reply's 'Are you suggesting that we should pay people NOT to WORK'
    It Shut up the Beeb man.
  9. Looking after ones owns national self intrest to the exclusion of all others, what novel idea,it gets my vote :D
  10. Peace and Freedom have a price and those against the UK fighting for freedom are you suggesting if you're including us in Canada stop fighting for what we know is right and hope that the US alone will be able to do it all for us as well?
  11. I agree,vote BNP mate,thats all that is required.I want us to be an independant state that puts our(Britains) intererests first and says Balls to anybody that wants to mess with us.Black,Brown and yellow people can live here freely,but have to pay into the system like everybody else.They can worship as they please as long as they don,t try to take the Country over.Any body of any colour,(including white), gets booted out if they are taking the piss out of the Country.No more drugs and alcohol fueled fights on the streets,no more gangs,no more Knife/gun crimes...if you do that you get booted would be a much nicer Country to live in.
  12. By white I presume you mean members of what what the BNP calls the 'indigenous' British population. If so, just where are they going to be booted out to???

  13. What a reasoned and well thought out rant.
    For several hundred years this was the rallyng cry of village chieftans.

    And after we deport everyone for everything to wherever, what then?

    That's the problem with the BNP, they appeal to the thick as mince sound bite culture.
    13th century shaved apes stuck in a 21st century world.

    13th century mindset?...where have I heard that before?

    Edited for biff spelling.
  14. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Singapore with the hard working Chinese or the UK with the benefit leeching chav element?

    Save yourself the effort of trying to turn the inexorable tanker and move to Singapore - there are some great jobs there, it is a lot safer, the wife will love the shopping and you won't have to cringe at Cyclops or Babyface any more.
  15. Oh when I was getting all high and mighty, I forgot to mention that I f*cking love Singers.