Is it the Schools or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. I went for lunch today to Subway and as i (and infiltrator) was in the queue a young lady (about 15-16) asked for a tuna sandwich, when asked by the assistant

    “6 inch or a foot long?”
    she replied
    "what’s the difference?"

    I nearly slapped her I mean is there any point in these feckless feckwits even going to school? this got me thinking what’s the stupidest thing you've heard your or any other kid ask?

    and just before the_guru buts in with a fat joke, yes i had the foot long but suprisingly infiltrator had a 6 inch :eek: :eek: :eek:
  2. How about this, from two weeks ago?

    Me:Congratulations, you're pregnant.
    Patient (young AGC 2Lt): How could that have happened?
    Me: Errr...right.
  3. are you my dad.
    fcuking hell i nearly dropped through the floor.
  4. Remember we're going more and more over to the metric side. The older generation can do imperial and a bit of metric. My generation seem to be able to do both, and younger kiddies of today don't seem to do either.

    A good thread for this is in the "Now that's what I call the NAAFI bar" under "from the mouths of children"

    In the last school I worked in I assisted a lesson on migration and acted as an "immigration official", asking questions of why people wanted to move from one area of the classroom to another (the areas corresponded with land use - city/farm/mines etc). The next week one of the kids comes up to me when I'm supervising football; "Sir, are you really from immigration? Do my mum and dad have to speak to you before they can move house?"
  5. similar story. a serving soldier i know said he wasnt hungry enough for a foot long he would just have two six inchers instead.

    "they dont make me as full i want to have scoff later, see"

    uh huh
  6. daz

    daz LE

    Erhhhhhh, Do they teach imperial measurements in schools these days :?

    Nope thought not, maybe that’s why the poor wee thing was confused :D :lol: :D


    Ps, did you offer to show her the difference :lol: :) :) :) :)
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Give the slappa a few more years & it'll be the perv behind the counter in the local sex shop that'll be asking the question!! (Then she wont need the Tuna sarnie! :twisted: )
  8. Oh FFS, the bleeding hearts are at it allready, its fecking subway she new what a 6 inch was!

    infact im not having it knob off!!!
  9. Infiltrator in "only has a 6 incher in Subway shock" What was the filling, dripping, lard and butter?? And Hallvegs diet goes up the shitter.
  10. Anyone who didn't know will now know that I'm only 19, so have not long been out of school. This is going to get me some dodgy looks, but I haven't a clue which is metric and which is imperial. I don't recall any of the teachers mentioning it. The only time I ever heard about the difference was the scene in Pulp Fiction, though I was paying more attention to the bit after with the whole 'If you say what one more time motherf*cker....'

    But alas, I digress.

    I don't know which is which, but I do know the difference between a cm and an inch. Or how many inches are in a foot, how many yards are in a metre, etc. Are Kgs metric? I don't know, but I know how many are in a ton.

    So in answer to the original question, maybe those kids were just from a rubbish school. Wait a second what am I saying, I'm grammar school educated, every school is rubbish by definition. 8)
  11. ha ha get ready for the wah.
  12. So you see i was right there all just barstuards!!

    apart from you Rowums, ive no doubt your very clever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and firm! :twisted:
  13. “6 inch or a foot long?”
    she replied
    "what’s the difference?"

    Did you explain......that man inches are different to woman inches???
  14. Oh very good, you had to lower the tone didn't you and no she was 15 ish i'm not Mdn ffs.
  15. Yeh! but she will still smell like it :D