Is it straight forward to transfer from TA to Regs?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DazComet, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. :? Hello everyone, i have a question or two. Hopefully you guys could give me abit of advice...

    I have just joined the TA, since i have a job and contracts to stick to ect i thought id join the TA rather then the Regs, but with the intention of joining Regs at a later date.

    Anyway i have changed my mind already and i just want to go fo it now rather than wait. I have realised how much longer it ill take to progress via TA route.

    So my question is, is it straight forward to transfer from TA to Regs?

    Reason i am asking this now is because i have just received my number and i have also just been attested. Since i only just done my recruit selection last weekend and have not done any training yet. Can they transfer me straight to Reg from here and get me doing my Phase 1?

    I worked it out and it will take me till next year just to get passed Phase 1, i thought i would be able to get things done quicker than that. So if you guys have any opinions, advice.. who should i speak to and what do i do next? ... Thanks in advance people. :D
  2. You will probably be told to apply from scratch!

    (Might be a lot quicker also!)
  3. Aww man, lol i dont wanna do that. Means i have to go back and forth with all the forms ect, get medical forms to doctor and back which took around a month alone. Then id have to wait to get put on the list to do the recruit selection/medical all over again which seems daft since i only just done it last weekend. And all the rest of it.

  4. Your recruit selection is nothing like ADSC for regulars i am afraid and that starts at the medical which you go through, i have seen TA appointed civilian GP's pass someone that had previously been rejected at ADSC for regular service ;)

    Also the interview process that you go through with the TA is nothing like you do with the recruiting office and in terms of specialist information for dealing with a regular application, you just wouldnt get that from the TA, the TALO's we have working in our office wouldnt have a clue how a regular goes about joining apart from the route they take to do so.

    Just suck it up, the medical forms i have seen from the TA differ too, so you will undoubtedley need a new RG8, we will then have to request the completed med docs that your unit are holding too as they all need to go to ADSC, specifically because people sneak into the TA with the way they conduct their medicals ;)
  5. You'll get through your training quicker with the regular army as well. Due to shift work and other commitments it took me 18 months to get from walking into the TA centre to completing my basic training. If you walk into the ACIO now you could start training by Feb / March next year - you'll only be halfway through your TA training by then.
  6. Five is right bout TA meds and ppl sneaking thru/being overlooked. I was in the TA for 4 1/2 yrs and only once recieved a hearing or eyesight test. And not did i get anythin resembling a proper medical. Literally a Reservist Doc checked for hernia's, flat feet and then i had my blood grouping done. There where ppl who had sneaked in with current asthma. But this was in 2002 when i joined TA. left in 07. Amazed me really
  7. Well from what i know from this experience is, i think thats crap. The recruit course that i did was barely any different to the one at Glencourse or anyother ADSC. The medical examination was exactly the same as the one i had at Glencourse. And there were alot of people not passing their medicals when i went to selection last weekend. From things like Asthma, so it that cant be that easy to 'sneek through' ... Do you think there is any such thing as sneeking through, i thought it was apprently supposed to be 'one' army now. Since TA make up every 1 in 5 regs now. So they need TA to be just as good.

    I guess from what you guys are saying is ill have to start from scratch since you think there is an 'easier' way. Ill do this if thats what it takes. But ill seek further advice. Thanks :)
  8. You asked for advice, i am a recruiter and you got it :)

    That is the policy short and sweet :)

    And for what its worth and this might come across as harsh, but we do not owe you a job mate, if you do not like the fact that you are getting messed about (in your opinion) whilst you are applying, then you are going to love the real deal :D

    Added to that, if you do not like the system then complain to the top, unfortunately those at the top have never been recruiters so dont share the frustration both you and i have in the system ;)

    But believe me, people do sneak through the system and always have done where the TA is concerned, having worked with the TA as both a PSI and also SPSI i was privvy to week in week out :D
  9. Priceless hehe
  10. My TA medical went as follows:
    Doc " Anything wrong with you young man?"
    Me "Nope"
    Doc " Fine, hope you enjoy yourself"
    Me "thanks" sits there as he has'nt looked up from his paper.
    Waits a couple of minutes and shifts about in my chair making it squeak.
    Cue Doc looking at me "Are you still here?"
    I wandered out to be greeted by the corporal looking after me
    Cpl "All okay"
    Me "think so"
    Cpl "Cool, lets get a brew on"

    The Hearing test consisted of being told the machine was broke and being asked to raised my hand when I could'nt hear the Corporal
  11. I have a mate who served 6 years in the regulars, discharged and joined the TA, some years down the line he tried to rejoin the regulars (nearly 2 years ago).

    His paperwork got to ADSC and he got an outright rejection.

    Somehow the TA hadnt noticed that he had at some point had broken his back ;)

    I once took a PT lesson whilst i was with the TA as a PSI, and thought it strange when one of the guys produced an asthma inhaler whilst we were running, took a couple of good puffs and then proceeded to put it back in his pocket :D

    And even had someone chatting to me whilst i was a range conducting officer, admit to me that he was on anti-depressants and had been for years, now i can live with that if it happened after he joined, but this was a recruit :D if that wasnt bad enough one of the young females then proceeded to explain how she had managed to blag her way through a medical even though she had spent time in a hospital (quite a lengthy time) for serious self harm, simply by managing to hide the deep scarring on her wrists by wearing sweatbands :D

    It happens :)

    On the flip side one of the success stories is that you can get mobilised to OP Telic, return from the tour to find out you have lost a kidney without realising it, and it turns out you never had it to start with, then they try to discharge you for being unfit and not in possession of the required amount of vital organs, even though they had missed it on every medical up to that point :D

    At least he found out there was a small part of his life that was missing and the TA helped him out by pointing it out to him ;) :D
  12. Haha thats classic.
  13. But then the regiments doctor was terrified of blood too hehe