Is it still worthwhile being posted to Germany?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Matterhairy, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. I've heard mixed reviews about postings to Germany and 1 MI Bn. Could anyone that is now there give their views on what the Bn is like?
  2. Like Int & Sy Gp (G) but without , Pop's, Eddies, ACTIVE EDGE, Cypress green cravats, Op NIGELLA, "Born free", a pall of cigarette smoke in the CP at night , guarded conversations with the like of Gladys in the bar about 19 MRR driver training, troop rotation, Shamus's bird with the Porche, the new HIND B, PRA and the whole Herford mil 2222 thing.

    ........does the AGI still transit the Kiel Kanal during exercise?

    (PS: really glad they got rid of that whole "Group Concentration " thing every year. )
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  3. ...but if you're lucky, you still get to spend 40 weeks a year in a hole in the ground (once all that embarrassing Afghan stuff is over and the Army can get back to real soldiering), enjoy drunken forays into red-light districts populated with Russian pimps and yawning, disinterested whores whose grubby underwear fluoresces under the UV lighting in the smelly little melamine cabins they inhabit, scoff emergency Gyros taken on board after a night on insanely strong Warsteiner and at least one horrid 'Taufe' drink, which will involve Korn, cayenne pepper and probably Baileys, savour the bracing stench of fish in the Hamburg Fischmarkt as the sun creeps languidly into view across the Alster, experience the sensation of total death of the soul of boredom while taking on a vital site guard mission on some horrible compound in the middle of the woods, relax over a Portion of Mocha outside a cafe in a delightful mediaeval cobbled square while exquisitly beautiful scantily-clad young German lasses stroll past, chattering like starlings....

    Yeah, on balance, I rather enjoyed Germany.
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  4. You ever considered a career in travel writing?
  5. All you need for a posting to Germany these days is an XBox, a distinct ability to not be able to admin oneself (washing, finances, etc) and an attitude problem. If you've got these then who gives a **** about Germany? Because you'll never leave your room anyway!!
  6. It's a beautiful country and, if you get away from the camp, warm, friendly people. Learn a little of the language (more than ein Bier and Currywurst mit Pommes​) and you'll enjoy it even more.
  7. Germany is an brilliant country.

    Good food, beer, and women. The standard of living is high, and if you are willing to go further than the local town there is a lot to do.

    If you are single the weekends out are amazing, If you are married there is a lot of very good places to take the family.

    From time to time I think about when I was posted there, and do genuinely miss it.
  8. Go fot it Matter,

    Before you know whats happening you will have been convicted for drink driving, be confirmed as an alcoholic and routinely fail every fitness test put your way.

    Then for years afterwards you will consistently litter conversations with pidgeon German phraseology and begin sentences with:

    "When I was on exercise at....."
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  9. Germany is still a great place to get posted but not sure what the future for the Bn is in Germany, given that they are holding a farewell parade soon. No idea what the plan is next but seeing as it's green slime it's probably TOP SECRET.
  10. only the 3 w,s count in Germany Warsteiner,Wurst and Wohltatigkeit, hold true to these and you can toss your xbox in the weser
  11. that's 4 Ws.
  12. Wohltätigkeit - you mean there's still a reward for ratting on our Jewish friends? :numberone:
  13. I saw his style as more of an Aryan James Joyce #Ulysses
  14. Anyone who ever read one of Gladys's Int reports would know that John Le Carre is shitting himself about the day Glad settles down to write full time

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