Is it still possible for me to join up regardless of...

the fact I have no GCSE's?
I was an A* student at a Grammar school, (no, not a private one either! ha). But, me and my mum had a breakdown and we couldn't stand to be under the same roof as one another, so she kicked me out to my dad's who lived in Thailand. I came back into England on christmas eve last year after 9 months out there, and I'm currently meant to be in year 11, so just about to take my exams, but when I rang around ever school, noone would take me back, but I showed my results from year 10 to the schools where every subject apart from RE was an A or A*, but the reply I got from them was;
"We're worried that our pass rate statistics would be lowered if you took your exams with us", yet I even offered to take the exams as an external candidate but to no avail.
But anyway, I'm considering either a career as an AT or in the RMP, and i'm at college next year doing a Level 2 NVQ sports and leisure instructor, but it doesn't include Key Skills or any other relevant equivalent, so i'm a bit bemused. When I went to my AFCO, they couldn't give me an answer either, so any information you could give me would be much appreciated, thanks.
You need to get on to your local council's Director of Children's Services asap. They have apparently failed in their statutory duty to you by not supplying a school from January.

They can also intervene on your behalf with schools/exam boards as with some you can enter as late as 7 days before the exam. You should be able to salvage most exams, except those with orals/practicals. So English and maths likely to be OK, and they are the ones that matter most.

If they cannot act fast enough for June papers, then they at
are also the ones who can broker your entry for November exams. See threads on current waiting times for joining up: this can yet all be made to hang together.

Have you tried signing up for the GCSE courses offered by colleges or adult education centres? You could possibly sign onto a course in time to take the exam. As far as I know these are free for under 18s and they aren't run in the same way as schools (as in they are a service, not results-led, and have no ability to refuse entry to eligible candidates).
Good luck.
quite a few careers in the forces require gcse's but if you dont have them, you can still get in, but the jobs that you were attracted too require at least 3, one in maths, but you can within the forces get equivanlency test which cover these subjects

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