Is it so bad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. I've just had a bloke come up to me who was absolutely distraught at the fact that another fella had fucked a chick who admitted to having some fun with an Alsatian.

    Now the general consensus in the bar was so what, as long as she wiped it off first.

    Then they proceeded to take the mic out of said bible basher, who got all upset. So where is the line, should this stuff be kept all european or should the UK embrace a bit of doggy love?
  2. What did she do with the alsatian?
  3. She fucked it then sucked it off.
  4. Was the Alsatian very sexy? If so, she's only human...
  5. She must have been a right munter if she couldn't even get someone of the same species to fcuk her, and after hearing some of your stories that says alot.
  6. According to the bloke in question she liked it because it made her cum.

    Most of us were in hysterics while he told us this but one fella got all upset.
  7. Such activity with an Alsation is appalling. Truly disgusting!

    A sweet little ewe lamb I can well understand but an Alsation! Horrors!

    n.b. I presume you mean an alsation dog, not a human. I used to know a retired USAF MSgt from Alsace and he was quite a decent chap. Being male, not my type but I can understand that women might like him.

    Sorry if this diverted the thread. Back to my sheep magazines. Nice piccies of an adorable Whiteface Dartmoor lamb.
  8. And how exactly did she come from sucking off a dog, has she got a cl1t at the back of her throat?!
    If I want to come and there isn't a bloke to do the job, then there are many, many options to exhaust before trying to find an animal to violate. fcuking slag bint, I hope she gets fcuked to death by a horse.
  9. I knew a bloke from Alsace. He detested the French, yet married a Parisienne. I suppose they've got reason to be confused.
  10. The lady doth protest too much I think! Guilty conscience? :twisted:
  11. Rough going that like. She's definitely either fcuking minging or has the aids. Why else would she not be able to pull a bloke. Either that or shes mental!
  12. I notice you use the word "before." Freudian slip, or did you mean "instead of"?
  13. Its 0130, I have drunk to much wine, if you wanna call it Freudian slip and rub yourself in your special place whilst imagining me be fcuked senseless by a rottweiler then crack on mate.
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Did he find the evidence on a stray external hard drive?

    Oh, and Dolly.......

    I was actually hoping that it might be one of your equine acquaintances that was pleasuring you!