Is it safe to travel in Northern Ireland?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ralphy, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Im planning on touring around NI visiting Warrenpoint, Belfast, South Armagh then onto Dublin.
    Is it safe to travel in those regions now or am i taking a risk?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Depends on the crossing you are taking.................
  3. Holyhead to Dublin on the Fast Cat. Drive up M1 to Dundalk, Newry,Warrenpoint..then A2/A1 to Belfast. Back to Dublin via Armagh, Crossmaglen.
    Should be quite an interesting trip..just wondered if id be made to feel welcome by the locals?!
  4. What are you hoping to see while your there, apart from the odd wall murial etc?
  5. Depends on how you decide to 'advertise' yourself. I'd recommend not wearing a regimental T shirt or asking for forces discount at the garage. :wink:

    Even though NI has had an outbreak of peace, the Independant Republic of South Armagh aren't terribly friendly towards 'outsiders', especially if they happen to be Brit bastards.

    Its been like that for hundreds of years and will always be like that.
  6. Im planning on doing the same thing next year but im not planning on getting out the car in Crossmaglen much.Ive got Slab Murphys address if you fancy popping in to see him.
  7. While im on the subject,anyone know if theyve got rid of all the watchtowers or just most?
  8. I worked with a guy a few years ago who was Irish through and through. He stayed at a place on the Shannon well to the south.

    He was having a drink in a bar with his wife and things started to get a bit intrusive. A fella left at 2230 under the guise of, ' I'm going to collect my wages.'

    The moment he left my mate put his wife in the car and drove for about 100 miles. They left all their stuff behind in a B&B.
  9. I hear Slab does B&B now so ive booked an ensuite for the night!! Larkins Road on the left 100 yds from the border!

    Maybe we should pair in numbers!

    I just wanted to see for myself what these places are like as i never served on a NI tour. Its a beautiful country with stunning scenery and lots of history..good and bad.

    Id definately not wear any kind of military/regimental insignia..thats suicidal! It would be fairly low key..probably do the south armagh leg in a day.
  10. Slab also has a lot of B&B around Manchester I believe...
  11. All gone. All marked with a feck off big flag pole and tricolor (although the former R13 is a bit frayed along the top of the pole ;) ).

    BBK is being developed as a posh load of apartments. The HLS is completely gone. Forkhill is just a scrap compound and XMG is barely a cop shop again. Who'd have thought it eh?
  12. aah,a crossmaglen taxi! I havent been there either Ralphy,read Bandit Country twice and really want to see some of the places for myself.
  13. I drove from Dublin, through Cavan, where I stayed for several nights, through XMG where my rather unobtrusive red Corvette broke down, was helped by a very pleasant dodgy mechanic, despite what to him would be my cut glass English accent, thence to Armagh City for a spot of lunch and then up to Ballymena...

    pas de probleme, as they say in Gaelic.

    So shave off that 70's tache, leave the helly hanson and the desert boots at home, dont say "say again?" if you can't understand the accent ( dead giveaway just say "pardon?" ) and craic on.

    Have a nice holiday, worry not, they only shoot at cops these days, too many short haired English tourists around for them to loose any more cred by shooting one who wasn't in the army.

    Not enough money in it.
  14. Go to the ' Great Bar ' and meet up with the guys in the Dublin suit.