Is it right to shag your boss?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. The area manager in the pub company I work with is fooking fine. Big tits, and a face that could only be improved by trying to replicate it as a plasterers radio.

    I think she quite likes me too. She always puts lots of kisses on texts and flirts bigtime.

    Now Im a dirty manslut but have always remained professional when it comes to work but herein is the question....

    Do I stay professional or jump on it til the coroner drags me off?
  2. is this made up, like your last thread?
  3. If this is true, then my only advice is 'don't get caught', otherwise tally-ho!


    I harbour the belief - based on my own experience and observances etc. - that certain wimmin in management positions are fruitcakes, and any form of interaction should therefore be kept at the absolute minimum.
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  4. Billy Bullshit flies again, like Biggles but more sweary.
  5. My boss has the most lovely dark brown eyes, he's considerate in every way. When he takes us out for meals he pays for everything. I must say he's got a fantastic sense of humour and is very athletic. Works out often and has a personal trainer.
    He's rich, has an Aston Martin, Porsche and a BMW.
    No way I'm bumming a 75yr old though.
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  6. I really don't think HMTQ is up for a bit of lezzer action.
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  7. Remain professional at all times.

    Only shag her if it's in work's time. Pick a suitable moment to broach the subject of a pay rise.
  8. Been there done that fill your boots.

    (But keep copies of flirtatious texts and emails she sends you as ammunition for a constructive dismissal case on the off-chance she turns out to be a bunny boiler)
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  9. Wot 'e sez
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  10. My boss shags me.................. every chuffing payday !

  11. Not worth it she will use you as her man toy the when board find a way to mag to grid you
  12. And you know all this how, exactly?
  13. I know you only want that job short-term Pebbles, shagging the area rep is probably the way to ensure it's short-term, but do you really want another pissed off bunny boiler after your blood?

  14. Thats not a problem.

    Im head chef. Management couple left. I took over the whole pub otherwise it would have to shut. The partner i was going to take it on with pulled out at zero hour so I have had to do the lot on my own with hardly any staff....I interviewed managers yesterday and they are starting next week. Thank fuck.

    The board should tell her to let me use her as a plaything as a reward.
  15. If you care about your job and plan on staying at it for long, don't shit where you eat - else, go for it!