Is it right to shag the staff

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. I have enjoyed the thread about is it right to shag your boss, but how about your staff?

    For many years, I have been faithful but the amount of female talent crossing the doors now and taking on teaching jobs is having quite an impact.

    Young, nubile, female, Czech talent. Would it be right to shag the female staff?
  2. Perks of the job surely.

    How else do you decide which are the 'keepers' when head office tells you you've got to lay 10% of your staff off.
  3. You can shag my staff if you're brave enough :wink:

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  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    My auld Na-Na used to say "Son, never poke the payroll".

    But as a teacher you have no say about the payroll. So fill your boots. Try not to catch the clap. Or do your underage pupils. Or hang around the bogs. Or tell the Raspberries that 'Jesus would want you to swallow because Jesus loves Paralympics GB'.

    Fucking teachers. Twinned with Catholic Priests. And the Welsh.
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  5. You are jealous! Wish you were here?

    Points to note. I am talking about the teachers not the students.
  6. There was a thread about shagging a dog a weeks back...
  7. Bizarre. Nobody's mentioned photos yet and it's been... an hour?
  8. Any photos of likely candidates OP?
  9. Yeh, course its alright to shag the staff, as long as its not a family run business.

    Wot about shagging customers though? This would be acceptable if, say, your customers were Kerb-Crawlers, but just imagine if you were an Undertaker?

    just a thought....
  10. You are sending me on a dangerous path... but I like it...

    Hired lasses to feature, we open in 2 weeks.

    Anyone know how to set up the Vote thingy?
  11. He's got his Daddy's face! :)
  12. Don't you just love Google Ads?

  13. He's got his Mothers bollocks too! :)
  14. Totally. I've employed birds before just cos they're shaggable, you can always teach them the job later with some 121 tuition.
  15. Start an evangelical church or cult.

    David Koresh wasn't in it for the glory of jesus christ.
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