Is it right to sell this on ebay??

500+ WW2 HUGE lot of Sweetheart letters REME to WAAF

If both parties are deceased then I think its ok, letters can give much more social historical data as opposed to official documents, I was only watching a documentary on Isambard Brunel the other day, the programme showed personal letters and dairys and you got to see the other side of him as opposed to his engineering legacy. If I felt I would have a issue people reading about my life after Ive gone then I simply would not write them down in the first place.


I also think it is ok - the letters will be read for prosperity and the memories of a love affair (not the extramarital type) will live on.

It would have been nice to donate them somewhere as they could end up in a closed private collection, but,... maybe the cash will help the off spring of that love affair, or help to kindle a new one.

I'm starting to well up - it's all just so beautiful!

p.s. if they were never intended to be shared with others I doubt we'd have ever known they existed.

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