Is it right to charge your best friends?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cabbage_head, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Now there's a question! The only people I have ever charged remain good friends with me now. Well, they were being particularly arsse on that day. Was I right or was I wrong?
  2. Depends on what it was now dont it. Why are they bullying your kids for the money?
  3. Stop me and buy one, but can't you only charge ranks lower than yourself and shouldn't those ranks therefore not be your "mates" ? :cyclopsani:
  4. I try not to sell my body to anyone I know. But when I do they have to pay the same as everyone else.
  5. If they have fcuked up then it's a case of playing the game, hopfully they will realise that it's not a personal attack it's just what you have to do. Buy them a beer later to show no hard feelings! A good show of why they don't appreciate interranks relationships.
  6. Well, if their freindship remains after that incident, they surely are mates.
  7. ScottishSki you muppet! This one is especially for you. Remember? Those were the days...

    (And not because I'm not sure that I did the right thing!!!! It's not debatable.)

    Now Get Tae Fluck!
  8. i got a few extra duties from you cabbage head!! and a few pull ups on the punishment bar outside your office.
  9. ...surely it works both ways, if they are your mates, why did they put you in such a position you had no choice but to follow through with the "full" action?
  10. Good mates whatever the rank would not compremise you in such a way and therefore if they did..they deserve what they no doubt got.
  11. i dont think you were right. but i dont know the full story. maybe a quiet word with them would have been better but if you have authority to charge them then you probably have authority to give them sh!t jobs for a while instead. if they havedone something in the eyes of everybody and you cant cover it up and had no choice but to charge them then maybe it would be ok aslong as they understand why you have done it
  12. Its a direct conflict between your integrity versus your loyalty - I would always give loyalty the benefit of the doubt in non serious offences - why because you get so much more from the individual afterwards however if he was a thief, murderer, mugged old ladies or kiddy fiddler - straight in the pokey pal
  13. I'm glad I'm not your mate Polar, or should I say wasn't until you got promoted. If you only charge your friends CH that must make me your bezzer. I suppose the punishment bar wasn't really an option, I'd only have shown you up. I'm working on the guns as we speak.
  14. Count yerself lucky - you just got the hot spoon and pull up bar!

    This one was aimed at ScottishSki and we both know I was right! He was on about strike 12. Wasn't really looking for serious answers - just pulling his leg now he's a free man.
  15. Mate...just looked back at some of your posts and aparrently you are a Warrant Officer?