Is it really wrong to bang a dead 'n?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. I once read that the ambulance carrying the body of Marilyn Monroe back from the hotel stopped for a while when the driver allegedly remembered what he had in the back; locked doors, darkened windows, etc.

    Now, I'm not on about stinking rotten ones but, you know...
  2. Some people posting on here are so old if they have a wank it's necrophilia.
  3. As the song Goes ....
    Bang, bang, the mighty fall!

    My coat, well how kind.
  4. If the hearse is a rockin
    don't bother knockin
  5. i guess if theyre still warm, its no different to one youve ruffied up......
  6. for an extra frission of excitement you could wait till the maggots get about her ?

    just a thought
  7. It's not dead until a doctor says so. All this amateur diagnosis is irrelevant, as far as anyone is concerned the "young lady" is merely resting.
  8. yes bat those flies away with vigour and get stuck in young man ---beware however the death follow through as that can get positively messy -----tis a brave man that pots brown on a cadaver .
  9. Sometimes it's hard to tell with Missus Dont.
    I only know that she is still alive when she starts snoreing.

    Does anyone know the correct doseage for cloraform?
  10. Is it really wrong to bang a dead 'n?

    Only if you get caught.
  11. It might be an idea to be careful where you leave your DNA these days didn't somebody recently find one in a garden and end up doing time for it.
  12. The evidence was circumsantial! I was set up! It was a honey trap! I want my lawyer..........................
  13. Don't be so hypocritical. We've all done it. Remember at 15 the girl you got pissed on vodka so she passed out and you all banged her? She may as well have been dead. Just like some jailbait pissed bliff she is not going to tell the police and neither is a corpse.
  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Still would:

  15. The whole issue here is one of consent.

    A corpse is presumed to be the legal property of the next of kin, so presumably some sort of contract with them would sort out any criminal liability. On a personal note, so long as it's still warm and not too badly messed up, a limp unmoving mass'd be no different to some of the women I've been with. With the price of chloroform these days it might be not a bad little business to 'get into', as it were.