Is it really that good here?

Discussion in 'US' started by putteesinmyhands, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. You come to ARRSE. You repeatedly get abuse. It can't be much fun.

    But I notice that you're not like other Yanks.

    Dare i say it? You're Anglicised. Are you trying hard? Or is it ancestry coming out? Are you reverting to to your roots?

    Do you put on a show for ARRSE? Or do your neighbours notice that you're, well, a bit different?

    Prefer tea to coffee? Laugh without the need for prompt boards?

    Did you stop laughing at Benny Hill when you were 10?

    Will there be a day when your management adopts your attitude?

    Please explain.
  2. Puttees I agree in the last few months a couple of these dam Colonialists have actually be quite clever, witty and god help me but down right funny. Yes there are still the s1te kicking red necks out there, you know who you are but a few are actually posting stuff that is worth reading.

    I will now call them Plastic Brits rather than Spams this is not an insult rather a compliment, they have adapted to the site rather than the normal Spam who insists that they are the only show in town. Perhaps we could have a shoulder title for them so we don’t mix them up with the normal dross.
  3. Ballbag is sometimes quite funny, DavidBOC is witty and informative. I haven't really seen much of the others, less for their ability to copy and paste and tell us how shite we are.

    Shall I offer them a nice cup of tea and a biscuit?
  4. But will they want the tea tax free?
  5. Hmm, I did laugh at Benny Hill when I was a kid...

    Perhaps it is my heritage (family did come over here from there circa mid 1600's) coming out that keeps me here or maybe it's the good memories I have of training and operating alongside you Brits as well as the extremely entertaining visits I have had to your island. Naw... main reason I visit ARRSE is to hear a differant perspective from folks who speak the same language but have a funny accent. ;)
  6. Speak for yourself Bubba.
    I come to ASS to hear all those quaint pissant peasants from Englandshire sound off about how good they are.
    Whether that be the weather HEY IS SUCKS you should GET OVER IT, or Mrs Beckham is as plastic as Chinese toy!

    Yep sireeey, you Limey Sons of Guns are sure edumacating me!
    Gee thanks Pardners!
  7. Dam girl, I do not copy and paste my shiyit.
    God Bless John Wayne and apple pie for DavidBOC!
    Just shows that some of us got past 2nd grade, I mean "Infants"
    Are your teeth like a Fighting patrol?
  8. What he said. (I dare not say much more---or even worse commit the unforgivable sin of cut and paste). I will resolve to being the proverbial "potted plant" (otherwise ignorant septics of a certain age will no doubt understand the metaphor while(st) some of our British cousins may need to Wiki Brendan Sullivan, Esq.) After all, it is only fair after all the wiki-ing (sp ?) they put us through with their obscure (but usually hilarious) idioms! :lol:
  9. I think the brits on here should be far more welcoming of you all. I for one blush whenever one of the unruly oiks on arrse start to besmirch the good name of our American cousins.
  10. I hesitate to ask but after all it is a gloriously beautiful autumn day here in the Blue Ridge so I will risk it---are you feeling alright JJ? :D
  11. Yur Funney to Bubba!
    'cos you lie, like a Phillipino rent boy's watch
  12. I didn't mean you ctauch, I would never call you funny,witty or even allude to your IQ being higher than your shoe size (UK size not your quaint US sizes). As for Tescos at least I can hold down a full time job which doesn't involve white sheets and burning crosses.
  13. :D
  14. I lack the temerity to insert myself into the debate you are having with the inimitable Ctauch but, as a closed-minded septic from that god-forsaken backwater in the deep south of America, the sovereign state of Georgia (named in honor of one of your former rulers) I have been trying unsuccessfully to see the negative connotation in your statement. :D
  15. The word job