is it really ok

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    im probably gonna get blasted but fook it:)

    for ages now on every damn program/soap i have to injure for the sake of spending time with the misses ive got bloody bored of seeing these bloody poofs prancing about acting like girls and generally being creepy

    dont get me wrong if they are in there own homes behind closed doors fine whatever but jesus does it really mean we need to have one on every program on tv just to satisfie the equal rights shat?

    funny cos pedophiles get caught and realised when clearly they have a mental disorder that cannot be cured thus they need hanging or locked up for life but poofs get treated fair?

    its still a mental disorder to even want to fuck your own genda and clearly this is ok!!!

    maybe for lesbians and me watching its fine but blokes doing blokes is nasty and even to consider adopting kids in a same sex realationship is wrong as this is deffinatly gonna fuck the kids mind or create a fag from a normal kid who believes this is whats what!!

    same for lesbains its just cruel to be this selfish on kids

    im no gay basher but jesus christ if they are accepted that doesnt mean we want it splashed in are faces by creepy femanine wingers on telly maoning about what design they want which is mostly tastless shit and standing there doing nowt but pis* and moaning about braking a nail.

    as for gays in the forces(as fodder yep)give em powder puffs and send them out

    i expect resentment and comments on me being narrow minded but atleast im bloody normal

    dont get me started on trannys its even

    the ones that get the op and shag guys who have no idea is wrong

    thats it im stopping its getting sick:)


  2. Bizarrely enough, I tend to agree with at least some of your badly spelt argument.

    Gays can be as gay as they want to be, but do they really have to act so über-gay on every TV programme?

    Edited to add that you really should lighten up a bit!!
  3. Methinks this fookers a journo starting one off.
  4. Hi
    sorry for the rant of misspelled shite but you put it sooooo right

    über-gay !!

    its grim and needless to say uncalled for as its not bloody normal no matter what planet your from.

    they hang in toilets and maon about getting caught by coppers when it could be some kid stumbling in

    ive seen the holes in the walls between the cubicles its nasty and kids go poking about anywhere (hiv etc)risks etc

    home or knowwhere and tv doesnt need to air this creepy disorder

    you dont see pedos walking around hollyoaks etc so why gays its the same shit if you ask me.

  5. hi

    Methinks this fookers a journo starting one off. ???????

    nope whatever that means:)

  6. Hi

    ive gotta say this site has given me some great laughs even to the point i hurt my ribs the other day reading the spazzar thread:)

    cheers all its nice to see a site that allows such great detailed storys

    keep it up:)

  7. I agree with that mate. Its the nature of the World we live in where everyone can do what they want, as long as it isn't the majority opinion.
  8. No, no its not ok. I think its quite fcuked up.
  9. Each to their own and live and let live and all that but you're spot on about it being plastered all over the telly and sh1t.

    I dont pay feckin extortionate amounts for a feckin tv licence just to see the tv flooded with uber queers.

    Mind you, the missus hates soaps so they are never on in our place which is a feckin bargain. :thumleft:
  10. Wrong, wrong, wrong, so very wrong.

    This lads spelling and grammar is so wrong.
  11. Say again. I don't speak Chav.

  12. Remember lads - it's not gay if you don't push back!

    I personally don't have a problem with hom's being on the goggle box - soaps and other such cack reflect modern society and like it or not, we live in a permissive society where it's ok to admit that you like to ram things up yer ricker.
  13. sorry mate far from a chav
  14. Sometimes, despite the total wrongness of usinga knob (someone elses) to rearrange the contents of your colon, and the adherents of said poo-pushing practices being on the gogglew-box, I have to admit (not to being one myself) that sometimes I just have to giggle (in an ever-so-slightly effeminate way) at some of them. Take for example the two raving pillow-bighters doing that makeover of a council estate that even our ethnicaly challenged brothers wouldn't want to live on.

    They are so simperingly frightened that they have had to be butch-camp and even grow 'McNab' facial hair to frighten away the baddies and to stop them getting molested with broom-handles.

    Laugh, I almost did.
  15. Hi

    i admit they have some balls for going in on that project:)

    not that the estate will become anything other than the shite hole it already is when they leave.

    what a waste of time doing it but i have to grant them credit for trying:)

    besides aslong as the camera`s running they are fine and then its broom handles at 12oclock:)