Is it really like this?


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exile1 said:
I believe the Foreign Legion look after their injured/old and bold by having a place in the South of France where they tend the Legion vineyards [yes they do make their own wine :D ] It means they can get tanked up together and support each other and they have a strong ethos of looking after their vets if the vets need that support.
Puyloubier - the Domaine Capitaine Danjou. Guy in my unit spent about a month there helping out in the garden while they did a background check on his service record - and eventually pushed him back into civvy 'cos he'd lied about his age.
He'd lost his job, got divorced, figured he had nothing to lose.

Good bloke, ex Glosters IIRC.One of the few people claiming to have spent time in the Legion I actually believed.

Good book on the modern Legion by John Robert Young.

seems to me they really mean it when they say Legio Patria Mihum.

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"Land of the free"

The thing is, that in todays world if they were to put any graphical scenes on tv there would be one cnut that would sue.

"Yi yes judge, I've been having the most horrid dreams since I saw those pictures on CNN of that little boy with his legs missing. I don't mind the little kid down the road, he didn't have his legs blown off by a bomb"

This may sound incredibly stupid to you all. In todays world that is what it comes down to. If there is any risk at all the news-agents will not take the it.

I agree, but they should have a one-off subscription channel for anyone who wants to find out what the personnel out there actually feel and think. So in this case they will not be able to sue as they will know what to expect.

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What a very sobering and thought-provoking thread - should be compulsory reading for politicians, of all parties, who are tempted to take decisions without understanding the consequences. Thanks for starting it, OldRedCap, and also to those who've posted since.


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