Is it really like this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. This from an American perspective but it struck a chord with me. Are things really like this?
    I hope this guy is wrong and we can do better for our guys.
  2. Governments and the public have short memories mate .......
  3. Think it's like that for most - until they need us to put fires out or burn their sheep or sandbag their houses to stop floods.

    As the man said

    "It's Tommy this, and Tommy that, and Tommy go away
    but it's thank you Mr Atkins when the band begins to play"
  4. This is what turns my stomach:

    Glad to see the US government is keeping faith with those doing the dirty work.
  5. crabtastic: It's sad, but unfortunately true.

    It's a classic NIMBY. We Americans think, "Sure, we want to honor our veterans....but it's not actually going to cost us any money, is it? Can't they get funding from — oh, I don't know, somewhere???"

    There's a quote on this link from my home state that indicates 40% of the homeless population are veterans. I cannot tell for sure by context whether this is California (sounds right, actually — our homeless population is staggering) or nationwide, but I am searching for clarification.
  6. They had much the same problem after Vietnam. Unpopular wars and the self centered liberal attitudes of todays western societies lend nothing to the understanding of why a certain breed of men are prepared to do what soldiers do. The flag waving honeymoon is soon over and after it is, it's only those who serve and their families who care. There are the obvious physical scars and the not so obvious mental scars

    The scene over America was much like that in the late 60s to the mid 70s with Vietnam veterans, hence films like 'The 4th of July'. At the end of WW2, there were similar problems with veterans. Great for the first few weeks of leave and then reality set in and jobs had to be found, but there weren't many many jobs to go around, so quite a few veterans found themselves on skid row and ended up being despised by influential parts of the population, driven by their own political desires and agendas. The 'Hells Angels' started roughly around that period and comprised mainly veterans from the Pacific, who were so disgruntled, they went right off the rails, which f&cked off many candidates for State Senator.

    I would imagine that it's been the same worldwide for a few centuries now.

    I don't think that the attitude of this country is any different. N Ireland didn't do much for our popularity.
  7. From an old 18th century Prussian soldier´s song (describing recruitment and treatment, this song was banned in the Prussian army):
    Last verse:

    Und werden wir dann alt, wo wenden wir uns hin?
    die G'sundheit ist verloren, die Kräfte sind dahin!
    und endlich wird es heißen: ein Vogel und kein Nest!
    geh' Alter, nimm den Bettelsack, bist auch Soldat gewest!
    geh' Alter, nimm den Bettelsack, bist auch Soldat gewest!

    And when we get old, what are we going to do?
    the health is gone, the strength as well!
    And finally it will be: A bird without a nest!
    Go, old git, take the begging bowl, you´ve been a soldier too!
    Go, old git, take the begging bowl, you´ve been a soldier too!

    Seems this is not a new problem.

  8. I hope this guy is wrong and we can do better for our guys.[/quote]

    reminds me of an incident a while ago, when the BW moved north to help the yanks and one of the jocks being interviewed on telly was asked 'how long do you think you'll be up there'

    the thick jockinese reply along the lines of

    'god knows, tony blair lies all the time'

  9. biscuits_ab:: As it stands today, I am positive that there is no big cabal of liberals that want to punish veterans. The full fruits of PTSD and neglect can be seen by anyone with a heart under any overpass, especially in my area. And Californians are by and large a compassionate lot (popular media images notwithstanding). It seems like lefties are more likely to push money in the direction of facilities and care for the homeless, regardless.

    You're right, though. Humans love to wave flags and bang war-drums, yet recoil in horror at having to pay any taxes or take responsibility for the human toll. It's patriotism-as-fashion-trend.

    I admit I don't know much about treatment of veterans in the UK, especially from NI. I always assumed it was better...which is a very low bar to jump. :roll:
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  11. Press reporting is always scewed. God forbid they report whats really going on, rather than what is a pice of scadal ensuwing tripe.

    If they can get somebody to resign, then even better. God forbid theyreport a positive. Rather than"troops have odl/wrong kit" why not something more positive showing how troops cope even under logistical stress. When has the army every had the right kit for the job?

  12. Again, the writer is a guy called Fred Reed, as in the Why Cops Shoot thread.

    He spent time in the US Marines in Vietnam, and subsequently as a fairly freelance journalist, by his own account. Currently a US expat living in Mexico.


    edit for code
  13. "God and the soldier, all men adore
    In times of trouble, and no more
    When war is over, and all things righted,
    God is forgotten, the old soldier - slighted."

    Don't know who wrote this, but ain't it the truth.
  14. Have a look at his bio and read some of the articles. Even if 50% true, he knows of what he speaks.
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the steer. I'd have laid money he was a Vietnam vet.....there is an underlying bitterness there......coming back home from a war that a host of Americans of every shade supported strongly right up till late 1967/early 68...and then nobody wanted to know about; an embarassment....imagine being the kind of gung-ho super patriot that flourishes in the Marine Corps and then having your country turn it's back on you in shame when you get back...effectively telling you that you were wounded and your friends died for NOTHING.....and watching the country you love turn into something you despise......hard thing.

    Seems like a a good bloke to go for a few beers with and I wish him well in his twilight years down in Me'hico.....but I don't think he would put his hand on his heart and say he's given back more than he took out, would you ?

    ( fair point, not many people can)

    I liked his piece in defence of rednecks though :lol: :)

    Le Chevre