Is It Racist To Say?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Go aaaaannn you jolly green giants - tare those fekking froggies apart.
  2. No, but trying to tell me that Sebastian Chabal is anything but sexy is downright slanderous. I could play touch and pass with him all day....every day :p
  3. No, it's not racist BB :D
  4. Only if said within earshot of any one from the BBC or the local council
  5. So if i say, i would like to kiss that frog ( all over ) to see if he turns into a prince, its ok KP :D
  6. Racist, Bossy???? It's wrong on all counts, he ain't going to turn into a 'andsome prince, you know
  7. I misread KP's post sainty ( now duly edited ) I really ought to clean my glasses...which are currenly steamed up to cracking point at the sight of SC. :p
  8. Just remember all french frogs smell of garlic and sweat 8O
  9. hahaha my original post was to BanjoBill.
  10. Too many BB's KP :lol:
    I would scoff garlic out of his bellybutton and lick the sweat off his chest anyday.
  11. He looks like Captain Caveman :oops:
  12. Even if he wasn't hairy and french, you still wopuldn't like him, KP, his nickname is "Seabass"
  13. Now you done ity KP.
    I'm off to lay down in a darkened room to drool quietly over the image of Seb dressed like Fred Flintstone.
  14. He's all yours Bossy, anything to do with fish makes me :puker:
  15. Cheers KP, very generous :D