Is it possible to transfer from NHS to the Royal Army Medical Corps?

Hi, i am quite young at this time, doing my GCSE's but I am looking deep into the qualifications needed and all of that. So, can i ask, is it possible to transfer from the NHS to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)? I know that you can go from the army to the NHS but not sure if it works the other way round. I would very much like to be a diagnostic radiographer, by the way. I hear you asking why can't i just join the army like that, well you see I have asthma and i doubt they will let me in at an early stage, apparently over time my asthma will settle down more and more so the more distance i put down, the more time is available for my asthma to get better. After asking on the official army question-line sort of thing, they said I had to be so many years out of asthma treatment. How will i know when that is? Last time I used my inhaler was middle of last year.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, thankyou very much



They are two distinctly different organisations and there is absolutely no mechanism to transfer between the two, it simply doesn't exist. You leave one, you join the other subject to their criteria, it's that straightforward.
Let me just add that certain professional medical vocations have an equal army counterpart.

If you are a nurse or radiographer in the NHS for example then those skills are directly transferrable to the army. I am professionally qualified and have done exactly the same job for the NHS and the army.

However, we are all soldiers first, and one must complete basic training regardless of profession.

I believe that one must be 5 years clear of asthma (but don't quote me on it). Having a history of asthma is going to have serious implications on your joining the army.

Best of luck, I hope I've been helpful.

OP - the NHS is a civilian organisation. The Army is a military organisation. Your thoughts of a 'transfer' between the two should be discarded. In a slighty different vein, it's like asking if rank and experience as an AA patrol man would be transferable to REME.

Ok thankyou very much chaps, in the coming years i will have to decide which route i am going down and if i ever want to change organisations, thankyou for your time :)

May I just mention, since you don't seem familiar with the workings of the military, that there are a very great many NHS professionals who also serve in RAMC TA units. Medical skills are valued all over.
Ok, thanks. I noticed that it seemed odd that the course which is required for joining the NHS is funded by the government :)

Cheers chaps!


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