is it possible to switch?

ok yea im otc but this is a genuine request for your knowledge...

having been a cadet back in northern ireland and having helped out as an instructor several times since ive considered becoming an acf instructor and joining the local battalion at some point.i spend most of my year in scotland but time permitting would it be possible to also lend a hand 2 my old battalion if an instructor in a different one should training comittments permit?is this allowed at all?

and just to add-it aint an issue of pay or anything like that-just wanting to offer a helping hand to say thanks to a group that gave me a lot in 5 years i was a member.the money doesnt really matter
yes i've a mate who does both , whether this is an off the books arangement (on the part of the cadets, he has an army number therefore is part of the otc) or not I don't know. Will text him and ask him what the score is and give you an update.
I also know people that have been sgts in the cadets came to the otc then went back to their unit a year or two later.
As far as money goes he doesn't get paid , dinger does it simply because he loves being an instructor to the cadets and his dad also is pretty heavily involved with cadets
cheers for that-thats why i want to do it-its a good laugh and like seeing the cadet do well
I don’t think there is anything stopping you from doing both, as long as your OTC CO is aware and also the ACF Commandant then generally no problems.

Speak to your local ACF Detachment Commander. The ACF Detachment that I run shares part of Tayforth OTC building, we have in the past had OTC working with the Cadets, I my self also Serve in the TA as well as the ACF.
If you want to instruct on a regular basis you'll have to be CRB checked by the ACF, just to make sure you're not an Ian Huntley type - and you'll also need an 'induction' on the Red Book.
I have only looked briefly at these messages however, if you are old enough why not join the TA? You can still help out with the cadets but a basic security check and a CRB is mandatory. Pity though that a CRB check is not yearly or bi-yearly renewable. In that case case though a number of my local ACF staff would be out on their ear.....

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