Is it possible to swap job choices?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Confusedalot, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi, new to this site..tried in vain to troll for infomation before asking for help but i need some advice/info. (prepare for a longish read im a curious sod)

    Just passed ADSC, and before i was sort of willing to go in either armoured infantry role or in the RAC as a tank crewman. I had experience from cadets seeing what both jobs entailed. (Spent a week in munster with RDG and a few days with 3 yorks on sailsbury plain and i loved every minute of both) I love armour whether that be chally 2 or warrior. I chose armoured infantry as my first choice as i thought i would get processed quicker(Not that i had not thought of it mind,think i went down the obligation due to relatives route) but now i have my start date iv also learned by trolling this site that theres waiting lists for RAC and i was wondering if i were to ask if i could swap to RAC what would be the chances of actually getting it etc? (inf start date in oct) and how long it could take or atleast an idea at how long this supposed waiting list is?. And also does anything "go towards" getting this job choice, i read somewhere that you can only join a certain regiment (if its full) if you've had a relative in it? (Or is there anything else that could help?, i understand someone who puts it as there first job choice would get it.)

    (Reason im thinking of swapping to my second job choice is because i think i would put others life in danger with my eyesight and getting sand on the glasses and having to clean them every 5 minutes, but im sure this risk would occur in both)

    anyways ill stop typing before people get bored, any help much appreciated and sorry for the long read :)

    and before anyone says it, i am going to careers to ask myself in person (although there prob sick of seeing me :lol: ) just thought id ask here if anyone can help me get a bigger picture/different viewpoints. Id rarther ask about then enquiring later to my entrant date.

  2. You don't want to go infantry because of the waiting list and the chances of getting sand on your glasses?

    Sounds like a sensible reason.

    You should be able, if you are eligible, to change to another capbadge/job choice - depends on vacancies, waiting lists etc.

    As you have said, speak to the careers office.
  3. what were you doing beforehand then? writing letters to yourself?

  4. Ty for the reply, but hardly about getting sand on my glasses, just that i thought i would be abit of a liability with what my eyesight was and i thought id just get a different job and hide away out of the road if you get what i mean. And its not as if iv said to myself "oh mayby if i go X job/cap badge ill be in quicker", nah just that i read that there was a waiting list of RAC so thought i might aswell get on it if i had a change o mind.

    anyways nvm, is sorted now ty for reply, even the comedian private pile.
  5. admit it you laughed
  6. I am concerned - you will be less of a liability in a 50 ton tank with poor eyesight than just with a rifle? What about when you are driving through a defensive position at night, troops marked by cyalumes or IR markers?

    Anyway, if you wear glasses and they have said that you can do x or y job with them, regardless of how poor your eyesight is without them, then go for the job you want the most!

    Good luck!
  7. i laughed private-pile
    good sense of humour mate (y)
    i hope the whole army humour is similar to these forums, as i join in 3 weeks :D