Is it possible to learn the bagpipes with the T.A?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 6sierracharlieoscar, May 19, 2012.

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  1. I know about the courses that are run at the army school of bagpipe music but was just wondering if these courses were for just regular battalions? if they are open to T/A? or if there is weekend equivilant to the course(s)?
    I will be busy doing other things with the army for the next year so was only looking for some info as (potentially) longer term thinking of my future in the T.A.

  2. Thanks indeed!

    This has to be the ******* strangest STAB thread I've ever read. Aren't you happy pretending to be a squaddie?
  3. Courses also for the TA....Or if your not working you can get on the Regular course... What unit you? in Pm me if your not wanting it on here...

  4. Im glad i've made your day! I am very happy being (or pretending right?) a squaddie thanks, I was just wondering if it was possible that's all, I mean regular soldiers learn the pipes so are you saying they are not happy being squaddies? I guess your'e telling me its not possible then?
  5. The TA can learn to strangle cats alongside their regular counterparts I believe.
  6. Probably in a Scottish regiment. They have bandsmen as well.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why on earth?
  8. Beacause at least twice a year, pipers can name their price. Weddings and funerals for the rest of the year keeps the beer chit fund bouyant.
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  9. And they get more trips abroad than the Rest us us ours just got back from a Tattoo in Virginia..lucky Buggers =)
  10. And they get to scare the Bejeezus out of all the other idle, hungover ******* at Reveille. The *****.
  11. What regiment/corps are you. I learnt to play the bugle with the TA but that was because I initially joined the bugle platoon. I beleive the buglers from 6/7 RIFLES,5RRF and 4 Mercian do internal bugle courses as laid down by the standards from the Army School of Ceremonial (or whatever it is called). I presume drumming/piping/fifing is done the same.
  12. loads of people learn without even being in the army, so you dont even need to join the TA to blow
  13. And if you did, would anyone know the difference?
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  14. Fair point, i've actually learned a wee bit already (my daughter is presently learning the pipes) but t.a + family + 9-5 job doesn't leave a lot more free time to learn, doing it through t.a / army would be a good way of doing it all?
  15. You forgot free, tight ******!!
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