Is it possible to just restart the process?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MollyMooMoo, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. This is going to seem like an idiotic question but I filled out the online application form a week or so ago having probably not done enough research and really am not happy with what I put in a few bits as well as completely messing up my job history part and my weight part (put it donw to over eagerness to join!). I would really like to just cancel the whole lot and re do it, is this possible? I was planning to just go in to my local centre but really dont want to explain that my online stuff is totally wrong!?
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  2. Just kill your self now & be done with it.
  3. How much did you embellish your CV? Astronaut? Go down to a career office and tell the truth.
  4. I haven't imbelished in any way. I had issues with my browser when filling out application and ended up putting myself at a stone heavier than I am and it managed to delete a whole job (so it looks like I sat on my arse for 2 years) and completely forgot to put in gap year activities and the like.

    Id rather not kill myself just yet it its all the same to you! :wink:
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  5. But I just feel like an idiot going in and asking to change things - makes me look like an IT special case when Im really not.
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  6. Just go into your local office and explain, simples. They'll understand.
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  7. Absolutely nothing to worry about then. Phone your local careers office tell them and you can make an appointment with an ACA who can take you through it from scratch.
  8. So it wont harm my application at all? I called my local office on Thursday to book an appointment as its over an hour away and I get very little time of my current job and was told I couldnt pre book appointments and had to come to an open morning instead which is on a set day a week that I work?
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  9. No, not at all. The online form just helps move things along a little faster. I'm surprised you were not offered a meeting by appointment. Did you explain the special circumstances? If not call again and do so. Otherwise either take a morning off work, contact another office, or just wait to hear back and explain when you see the ACA.