Is it possible to join the TA whilst applying for the Regs?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mike2012, May 15, 2012.

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  1. basically I'm curently in the process of rejoining the regs as an infanteer, just waiting for glasgow to recieve my paperwork and say either yay or nay. I was wondering if in the mean time i could go down to my local ta centre and join until i get an answer back as it could take a while. I was thinking of joining 150 regt RLC Hull as I'm ex RLC (4yrs) and so i wouldnt need any training on trade. Any info and advice please.
  2. Short answer is yes, I would just question the value of doing so if you feel you application is likely to approved in the near future, i.e. you create a whole load of administration to both join and discharge from the TA and with that comes a cost to the public purse.
    Good choice of Regt if you live in Hull, 150 have 2 Sqns in the area, not so sure that after 4 years out off trade your quals will pass muster.
  3. Its just to keep my busy until my app is accepted.. But then again if it isn't accepted then I'm in the TA.. Hopefully it will be accepted but in this climate im not holding my breath.
  4. Oh and ive been out 6mths. Was in the rlc 4yrs
  5. Apparently yes. This question has been asked and answered before quite recently - I would search out the thread but I'm not feeling helpful.
  6. Mike Golden?
  7. Yeah in the end i decided to go down to my local TAC. Got an application so hopefully I'll do that whilst waiting for my 203 from MCM Div. cheers for the advice.
  8. However as you have previous service the TA must submit a 203 seeking permission for you to be processed too, so very soon you will be in the same position as your Regular application.
  9. That is a very good point. You will be regarded a rejoiner for both applications.
  10. It won't interfere with my regs application will it? I dont want it to start getting all confusing and end up redoing one or the other.
  11. I don't think so - I believe that they are treated as seperate applications and don't effect one another. Just be warned; Glasgow seem to be glacially slow when it comes to dealing with Reg to TA rejoiners.
  12. Aslong as it doesnt affect my reg app its okay. Dont want glasgow to turn round and say it looks like i cant make my mind up. Its regs i want and im willing to do whatever to get back in.. Hopefully they will see it that way and not the other.
  13. Well Mike2012 you are a clever wee soul so go ahead with your TA application and when the TA see you have an active application for the regulars standby for a few lengthy questions!
  14. Ah bootifull.. See when i went to my TAC i already spoke of my intensions to them. Surprisingly they where fine about it. It's the whole dual applications they didnt elaborate on hence my wee panic but now I've used my noggin and read threw a few forums it seems as though im not alone in this little matter nor will i have a problem with doing both :D helps if i search first but hey, if you dont ask you will never know. Been alot of help for the previous info anyway :)
  15. Its also evident that I can't spell.. Well suited to the infantry. think I meant through there -.-