Is it possible to join the Irish Guards even though your not Irish?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by catherine_r, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Is it possible to join the Irish Guards even though your not Irish? same applies also for Scottish and Welsh, oh and Grenadier Guards and Coldstream Guards, are they Nationwide or regional recruitment?
  2. Yes.

    Ask any Mick about the Benney Babies. All Brummies...all recruited/'guided' into the Irish Guards.
  3. I don't think they recruit split-arses.

    You're local AFCO or the official army website will have the answer.

  4. official army website don't, and I cant be bothered to wait to go to AFCO to get the answer, so thanks for the input fellas
  5. Are there any Irish blokes in the Irish Guards? There were two of them at a PB I was at, both brummies.
  6. Every IG I've met has been scouse.
  7. Plenty of Commonwealth troops in English, Scottish, Irish & Welsh units so what do you think?

    Though they would probably like you to have an Irish heritage of some sort, e.g be of Irish descent or like spuds

    You however appear to be a gurl so probably do dresses and make up and stuff. Have you considered the Royal Marine's?
  8. Not quite the attitude the Army will be looking for, have you thought you might be better off joining the AA ?
  9. me dad did
  10. Alcoholics Anon?
  11. I was told you can't join the Grenadiers unless you are from Grenada.
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  12. This thread is conclusive proof that home schooling does not work.
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  13. Why ever not, my mate joined the Artillery and there isn't a single piece of machined timber in his ancestry!
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  14. My sentiments exactly. The military can take their pick of who walks though the door with record youth unemployment, and if our dear catherine_r isn't smart enough to figure that out or use Google then she should go back to playing with her crayons.

    Let me google that for you
  15. Look at their web site.