Is it possible to join special forces from the REME

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BABEL, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Im joining the REME and start my basic in a few weeks and was just trying to find out if it is possible to join special forces from this career path ? any advice is much appreciated as i dont have much of a idea at all.
  2. The SF will train you all in the same way, a technical background might even help in the long run.

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  3. Thanks Tom, so if I was to try and get in SF, how would a go about applying or getting into selection ?
  4. Get into the REME first, then worry about it.
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  5. I'd suggest a little further than RQMS and possibly get into the REME then do several years of actually learning what you are doing before worrying about it.
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  6. You'll find that REME are part of the special forces so it'll be easy to transfer across.

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    SF applications are accepted from all branches, Corps and regiments. Members of the RAF and Navy have applied, been accepted, trained and joined.

    Concentrate on joining the army, get through phase 1 and 2, do your trade training, keep fit and keep your mouth shut about SF until you are at least a couple of years past trade training. Gobbing off about looking to go SF at an early stage will get you categorised in the same crowd as the fat asthmatic kid in Cadets who is "going to be a sniper" If you want to go ugly early then apply for P Company and parchute training as a taster of reality. nobody will mind you stating that as an ambition early on.

    You will find that going through the normal army training system over the next few years will make you think that two lungs and one heart are not really sufficient for the physical challenge that you face.

    With a few years under your belt you start to become of use to specialist units, as a sprog straight out of training you have little to offer.

    As for going from REME to SF I can assure you that I have known SF soldiers who were Parachute Regiment (the majority that I know) but also Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Engineers and even a dental hygenist who served in 3 differnt SF units.
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  9. I would concentrate on learning your trade and becoming a soldier in the REME, my friend. Start talking SF crap at your stage of the game will not endear you to your future training staff. Soldiering is not a bloody computer game. Learn to walk first. By the way, one Regiment member I served with was a little Tyke whose original trade was REME VM posted to the LAD at Bradbury Lines. One day he decided to get a bit fitter......................................................stranger things have happened.
  10. They offered "SF PT" at phase 2 training, it was an opportunity to get fitter, interact with more senior soldiers who had served with SF regiments and go on days out to said regiments.
  11. Must be due to difficulty in recruiting for SF units.

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  12. I think it was more to do with the number of REME personnel who return to bordon etc on an upgraders course. Either way the original poster should get the opportunity to express his interest in SF units at phase 2. He can even put down for an SF unit as a first posting choice... Unless he's going in as a VM(A) and then he's obviously superman already and can stride around looking down on all the lesser trades...
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    I actually came across a fellow who was ex-REME, I seem to recall he was a sergeant prior to selection, then while a trooper (think he rose to his original rank again while in the Regt) took a PhD in psychology; I guess it passed the time between reading Nietzsche and wearing black sticky. I only mention this as I was talking about it to someone yesterday in relation to wielding an edged weapon and having brains. His nickname, due to the fact he used to carry an axe to deploy against moveable objects, was Dr Axeman.
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  14. At SEME ask to go to 16 Bde to units like 8 CS Coy or even 7Bn on posting preferences and look out for upgraders and Tiffies who normally set up SF PT. Once you get to your first unit concentrate on your trade for the first year and get yourself fit then get on P Coy....don't career fowl yourself by doing it too soon. I've known a number of good mates who then went onto pathfinders/SF many rightfully said don't try and do things too fast ..walk before you can run...and if your good enough it will happen in time.