Is it possible to join RMP with a criminal record?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by teflon_welder, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm 25 and have recently been looking into joining the forces. Am interested in RMP but have a prior conviction for drink driving. Will this automatically rule out RMP as a trade?
  2. Well if it doesnt it should....................been to many fatal TAs and the reason was Drunk drivers so no sympathy from me
  3. You will need to be 'non stick' posting that in here.

    MoD Recruitment Help

    ROOA 74

    The old bill require offences of Drink Driving to be at least ten years old, before they will consider an application.

    As I understand it, RMP recruitment is over subscribed. Best person to speak to would be your local recruiter.
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  9. Try applying for the RLC in the Dvr trade discipline if you get knocked back by the RMP.

    Keep us posted with your progress.
  10. Thank you for the links Nottyash, I appreciate your time. All other comments duly noted and well deserved! Take care gents!
  11. Alternatively you could join as something else anf then transfer into RMP later on. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could enlighten us, but I would have thought joining as AGC (SPS) would have made a transfer a bit more straightforward later on, what with it being in the same Corps and all.
  12. Valid point made by Skinty. It is a well known fact that we within the SPS will take absolutely anyone (no requirement to pass mandatory fitness tests or to have a good command of english (written or indeed spoken)).

    In fact I hear that we have recently dispatched our Recruiting Team to the outskirts of Calais.
  13. It may still prevent him from joining RMP. In fact, I might risk a fiver on that. There's no way round having to declare spent and non-spent convictions. I doubt that an alcohol related driving ban would be overlooked even if spent. RMP have enough applicants waiting to join up as it is, so they have the luxury of pick and choose. I doubt the RLC driver trade would have him either, but I stand to be corrected. Applicants transferring from SPS are considered in exactly the same way as potential transferees from other badges. There's no halfway measures as RMP is a 'branch' within a 'branch' as opposed to an alternative trade group wthin the same Corps. Any SPS 'lady-boys' wishing to don God's red beret must prove their worth alongside proper soldiers who transfer over (and there are many). They don't get a 'by' just because they can type.
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