Is it possible to get back in after being SNLRd?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Birksy, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Long story short I've been in basic training twice
    1st time I was 16, joined as a school leaver and then DOR'd just before finishing
    2nd time was at the age of 24 (last year), this one is a bit more complicated
    I joined the paras but whilst in training I wanted to transfer to the Royal Anglians. I was told the best thing to do was to leave and then reapply as I'd only been there a short time
    I got the impression the paras were just fucked off with me (obviously I understand why!!) for wanting to transfer that they fobbed me on with crap advice

    Anyway I did come out and went straight down my local recruitment office where I was told I'm not going to be able to get back in as my service is no longer required

    I know i've seriously fucked up, twice but i'm just desperate to get back in I don't know what else to do

    Any advice?
  2. Manning is nearly at 100%. It is much harder to join up at present.
  3. Would the request to join the Anglians have anything to do with wanting to be near East Angular?
  4. Even still, is it all possible to get back in when you've been told service is no longer required??
    Or is that like the final word on it?
  5. Nah not really bollock-chops
    My girlfriend and kid are in Essex so I wouldn't mind being round these parts but it ain't the actual reason for wanting to join
  6. Well, I always thought SNLR was a derogatory term used usually after a term in jail. Are you absolutely sure that is how you were released?
  7. Yeah that's exatly what i was told at the careers office
    I questioned it because I didn't think it was right. I did nothing wrong other than wanting to transfer but asking didn't get me anywhere
    My local office just doesn't want to know
  8. All I can think is, if they have dealt with your two previous attempts at joining, they dont want to be involved in your third attempt. Surely they are allowed to turn away, what they think are unsuitable candidates?
  9. You could try a different ACIO, maybe ask if you can get in touch with MCM to find out why you had SNLR placed on your file. If it went down as you say, maybe they just decided you weren't worth it. You have taken up TWO slots that could have been used for others, and quit.

    Surprised regards the Para advice.... they usually are quite good at palming off those who aren't likely to pass P Coy in to other trades/capbadges.
  10. What did the Anglians offer that The Parachute Regiment couldn't?
  11. Yeah that's totally fair enough
    1st time round I was young and made a stupid mistake, 2nd time i was just given crap advice
    I didn't want to come out, i wanted to transfer but was told it's a lot of hassle and the quickest way to do it would be to come out and reapply

    I'll try another office
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Or another career...
  13. nah it was nothing to do with what one could offer which the other couldn't
    It was just a personal choice, I was always torn between the two
  14. Army manning nearly 100%, young people joining left right and chelsea?

    Best of luck, but don't be too disappointed when they turn you away without a second thought - as has been said, twice now you've been in and left. Even if second time was down to shoddy advice, doesn't change the fact that you wasted two slots, possibly both infantry where we need men?

    You've probably been considered overly risky now due to your prievious record, to be honest.
  15. I've got another career cheers
    It ain't like im trying to get back in from a lack of other options!