Is it Possible to EVER join the Army with a Section 136?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Inject Infect, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. I suspect not? :/

    I'm nearly 18 now, and in August this year (so not too long ago) the Police detained me under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act because I'd completely broke down and lost it that day, mentally. I was basically detained for contemplating jumping off a multi-storey car park, although I never actually threatened it. The police were called because the guys monitoring the place via CCTV called them and told them I was going to do it. I was taken to a police station, put in a cell with an officer babysitting me, and had a mental health assessment six hours later, which I then went to hospital voluntarily for 3-4 days to chillax and keep safe. I don't at all have a criminal record, but this is certainly on my medical records, and I fear it's put the final nail in the coffin of ever joining the armed forces? I'll also be honest that I also used to self-harm a lot when I was 16, and I had visible self-harm wounds from when I was detained as I badly cut my left leg that day on purpose, which were also written down in my medical records, so I could never lie about them even if I could. I'm also on a mood stabiliser (Lithium), but I won't be on it forever.

    I've always liked the idea of joining either the Army or the Navy. I have a few relatives who were in the armed forces, and I love military movies, and videogames. I used to be in the Army Cadets for a while when I was 13 and went with the school to an Army careers thing. I've wanted to either join the Military Police, Royal Artillery or be a CMT. Or in the Navy, be a Navy Diver or work with the aircraft. I was planning to enlist in the armed forces when I hit 16 and finished my GCSE's, but ended up staying on in school for Year 12, and now I'm at college studying Science and plan to study Biology at university after my degree and do something related to that as my second option.

    I know that the armed forces is not really a mental illness-friendly field of work due to the fact it's highly stressful and there's dangerous weaponry around, so I could understand why they would not take the risk with someone who was knowlingly once suicidal. But I'm just wondering if this is a permanent disqualification, or whether I could join in a couple of years when I'm about 24 or 25 and proved mentally fit through Occupational Health, etc?

    Sorry this is long, and please don't flame me or judge me. But do be honest with your replies and not sugarcoat them. I'm not going to be surprised if it's a big fat no, I just want to know if there's a chance, really.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. Its late, I'm full of cold and want to go to bed, and you post this!

  3. Rather than posting on an internet site full of drunkards & wannabe's to get advice, the best thing would be to visit, in person, your local AFCO tomorrow.
  4. Tbh I just put in 'british army forum' on Google and came across this website. Of course I'm going to ask officially one day, I just want to get a 'feel', really.
  5. Do you have any pictures?
  6. It wasn't a 'teen issue'. I'm not that pathetic, mate. It was a build up of several amounts of stress over the years from family (money problems, alcoholism, the fact my sister is braindamaged, etc) and I used to get bullied at school quite badly from Year 9-11. I do not exactly have a history of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act or being detained by the Police for my own safety multiple times. It was just once, and I'm receiving help for it now. I put up a 'stiff upper lip' for several years, and can continue to do so. I don't believe the armed forces or any other profession is exactly full of perfectly strong minded individuals, either.

    I accept that I have no chance at this moment in time, but once I'm off the meds and fully back on my feet and working in a couple of years time, I just wonder if there's a chance then. I do not have a diagnosis of any mental disorder, not even depression. It's just the tablets and the 136 detention that are officially documented.

    Do I have any pictures? What/why?
    That's random.
  7. Pictures, yes, why not.
    Anyway I think you are a big dirty fibber and all this will be locked when our sniffling moderator wakes up.
  8. Does your sister look like this?

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  10. In the meantime let the bullying continue

    So why did you wuss out of jumping? A real man wouldnt have let the police talk him down.
  11. I literally dropped my cigarette out of my hand and severly burned the carpet reading that:D Mrs is going to be pished!

    Serious though. I start training in 2 weeks and I wouldnt trust you sleeping in the same section as me. Would'nt want to get a bollocking on inspections because you have fecked the whole place up self-harming!
  12. During your time in cadets, in between watching war movies and playing CoD, did you have a sexual experience (solicited or unsolicited) with a rather large ex Reg instructor? Is this the catalyst that led to your desire to try parachute-less base jumping? Do you have any pictures?
  13. I would be more concerned with his sexual tastes (or taste, I have heard it tastes nutty) based on his cadet experience!
    He would probably pick up your dropped ciggie and put it out on his glans.
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    Anyway, what was the question/fib?
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