Is it possible to convert a TA(B) commission into a TA(A).

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Adamk1976, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Just asking?
  2. dont think so, a Gp B commission is for ACF officers, from what i understand they dont do RMAS they just do TCB or AOSB as its now known.

    could be wrong though
  3. I could convert one of either, over the bar at Twickenham!

    It has been done.
  4. I have been given to understand by a TA half colonel who was working at the sandhurst TA cell that the group B can be converted to group A but only on completion of the relevant courses for trade etc so you may find yourself still doing sandhurst and PCBC or equivilant course .
    What the process is I don't know and it would all be down to having a very supportive unit I shouldn't wonder
    but it is apparently feasible.
  5. Check your PM's
  6. Grp B isn't just for ACF officers, it also encompasses the OTCs and certain TA specialisms as well as as any "sponsored reservists" (civilian contractors with a limited call up liability) and NRPS.

    What you will find is that the candidates for ACF commissions go through a TCB designed specifically for that purpose and would probably have to go through the TADEPO route if they wanted to go into the Grp A pool.
  7. It depends, but it can be done without having to go to RMAS in some circumstances.

    Think of the conversion like an LE commission and you'll get a feel for the sort of thing involved.

    By this I mean if you had the previous experience that might have gained you the LE commission route through the TA, then you might be able to convert your Gp B into a Gp A i.e. a number of years Regular or TA service before you took up your ACF commission.

    If you are straight into the ACF as a Gp B officer with no previous military experience, I susepct you'd be required to use the TADEPO route as Woopert suggests.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Having had a quick scan of TA Regs, I am not able to find a reference to such a conversion.

  9. If you did a TCB (not CFCB) there is a two year time limit to join a TA unit & do all of the normal training that a TA bod who has passed the TCB would need to do. I guess that is now the same for AOSB but it was TCB when I did it.

    If you have an ACF type B commission (ie from a TCB just an ACF pass, or from CFCB), then you can't convert it.
  10. Regardless of what may or may not be found in TA regs etc, it can be done, and has been within the last 6 months to my certain knowledge.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Whilst not doubting the wisdom (which comes with old age) of FB, a deeper scan of TA Regs turns up this:

    Candidates Required to Attend Boards
    4.036. All candidates other than those at para 4.035 are required to attend a board as follows:
    a. TA Selection Board.
    (1) Candidates for employment as non regular permanent staff (NRPS) for appointment as administrative officer (PSAO) irrespective of former service. (See also paras 4.050 and 6.049.)
    (2) Officers who hold or have held confirmed commissions in the TA General List Section B for service with the Cadet Forces. (See also paras 4.050, 6.042 and 6.049.)

    P.S. This post comes with the caveat that TA Regs can be 'flexible' for the right individuals ;)
  12. You would probably be better off becoming a DETAPO via a TA unit, or contacting your 'local' Training Centre (In London - LDRTT Officer Training Wing numbers can be easily found on Army Net) for the full info.

    The major problem I can see is the military skills gap. If you are an ACF Officer you will have an idea on some, but no idea on others as they are not part of the APC sylibus. That is where you would be better off becoming a DETAPO. They would take you from the street and teach you all you would need to know without having to join a TA unit as a Tom.
  13. To summarise then:

    If you are an ACF Officer (Gp B) with plenty of Regular or TA military experience before you joined the ACF, you may just have to sit a Bde board to convert your commission.
    In my view, you would need the level of prior art that could have taken you to an LE commission anyway, but that decision is way above my pay scales.

    If you are an ACF Officer (Gp B) with little previous Regular or TA military experience, then you would be better doing the TA Gp A commission process to give you that depth of experience.
  14. DETAPO? :?
  15. Direct Entry TA Potential Officer

    ISTR that all group B Commissions (of any rank) convert over to substantive Gp A 2nd Lieutenacies...