Is it ok to shag SNCOs daughters...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CheekieNorthernMonkie, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine asked me what I thought to this: An SNCOs daughter, 16 yrs old, keep flirting with him and has made it known to him she'll put out big time for him. Her dads in the same Regt as him, but not the same Sqn.

    So, seeing as she's legal and up for it and he doesn't work with her old man, should he sh@g her or not.

  2. I'd shag her...
  3. He should kick her back doors in, it's the only right thing to do.
  4. I was shagging a WO's daughter. She was 16 and fcuking gorgeous. I was a depraved 27 year old Sgt. The fella in question found out and waited till he was in Cyprus before phoning e up and threatening to kill me. I saw him about 3 months later when he was back in UK and helping out in the bar at a dinner. I bought a pint for him (through the other barman) and he took it and smiled. Fcuking wazzer. She was worth the hassle and I got the third degree from the Adjt, who was this chaps mate. I told the Adjt to fcuk off and mind his own business and to his credit, he did. Go for it. I'd swap a broken nose for a shag any day !
  5. No keep well clear she is too young
  6. ....Or more precisely she's perfectly legal.


    Edited merely to keep within swearing policy. (MiB)
  8. As long as you, sorry, your mate can handle being followed around by a weeping, screaming mess for at least six months after...why not?
  9. Thought that was half the fun?! She's legal, if she wants it you'd be foregoing your civic duty to teach her a thing or two. Just make sure the SNCO in question never finds out
  10. How old is your mate and is he to fuck ugly to get a woman of his age interested?

    Do it. I'd say she's probably emotionally more mature than your mate if he has to ask your advice and you have to ask ours.

    Beebs x
  11. if there is grass on the on :p :p :p :p
  12. of course you did.
  13. If they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed :p (never taken that approach myself, before various arrse members accuse me of kiddy fiddling)
  14. You’re not a kiddy fiddler.
    You just like to watch them play while you take a shower :D :D :D
  15. yeah yeah yeah me thinks you doth protest TOO much sir.