Is it ok to exploit mental illness for sleazoid sex?

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. Yep. Any hole's a goal, even if its for the colostomy fitting.

  2. No!, no!, no!, you low-life, bottom-feeding f*cking Maggot. My God, is this really the calibre of pe

  1. Ok, back by popular demand, even though I know I'm going to regret this.
    A hypothetical situation. Imagine that your local pub was just over the road from one the country's last remaining mental institutions. Say, for the sake of argument, that they allowed some of their more tame clients/inmates out of an evening to visit the pub and dribble into their halves all night. Now, if one of these was a big fat bird who could be anything between 40 and 60, muttered and dribbled a lot, had alopaecia and smelt ever so slightly of wee, but that notwithstanding was available and probably didn't know any better. Would it be right to take advantage of her incapacity for a quick session of mind bogglingly sleazy and exploitative sex on a mildewed matress in the skip in the pub carpark? bearing in mind, of course, that her complete and utter lack of any discernable self-respect meant that it be a dead cert to get dry-bum.
    Not that I would do such a..ahem.. low-life thing of course, just er, curious to hear what you all think :?

    Yours from the moral maze

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  2. YES.

    Remember these are people with mental health problems and while she might be agreeing to sex one minute, someone at a later date can persuade her it was rape....

    Don't think they are stupid.

    What you have said here could be considered grooming...if it goes tits up YOU will be the one in the brown stuff.

    I'd think carefully if I were you.
  3. It was a joke, armourer. Albeit a spectacularly distasteful one... :oops:
  4. a drunken bird is your best bet at least she will pass out while you do your funny business unlike mental patients they will Love you one minute then try to kill you with an axe the next, just like out of "Basic Instinct" :lol:
  5. And if you want to be really careful, you can put her in the recovery position before you start humping her, so if she does happen to start spewing, you can carry on shagging with a clear conscience.
  6. Put the post back up Bernoulli :twisted: , spectacularly distasteful it an idiom for NAFFI!

  7. Although I did not see Bernoulli’s original post I think this the use of a persons disability whether mental or physical for enjoyment is NOT funny.

    I did not find it funny when a Para in a bar in Cyprus pretended to put money in the jukebox.

    I did not find it funny when he got hold of a poor deaf mute slapper (Cyp£8 a night – so I was told) and start to dance with her – to no music.

    I did not find it funny when he whipped off her top revealing a voluminous pair of jubblies.

    I did not find it funny when he left her in the middle of the bar on her own wiggling with her tits out – completely oblivious to all the boys cheering.

    Or on second thoughts – yes I did find it funny – funniest thing I had seen in years and it should be encouraged!
    :D :D :D
  8. Fantastic....get your rocks off in the minibus and get the windows licked clean for nothing while youre doing it! :? :twisted:
  9. Ok, I have re-instated the original 1st post, God have mercy on my cockroach- like soul. :roll:
    I'm going to Hell.
  10. mate I think you need to get yourself sectioned by the doc so you can find out for yourself.... :lol: .mind boggling drugs and as many rampant nutters as you can handle.......i bet its like shagging an itchy pig on a pisswet shitty mattress :? :( ............not that I would know of course :wink:
  11. you could have a gang bang with all her split personalities. :twisted:
  12. Ok!! none of you have said it's wrong, so I am going to wolf-bait* a window licker tonight. Hypothetically.

    *Wolf-baiting: Ease the old chap up madame's choccy starfish, and once you have established the rhythm reach around and stuff your thumb down her throat. The gag-reflex makes the hoop-muscles clamp right down on your schlong :lol: .

    You get a better gag-reflex if you shove your thumb up her bum first. 8O

    Copyright Karma-sutra.
  13. Is that with or without the straight jacket and electrodes on the fanjita/ballsack? :twisted:
  14. Kind of describes the type of woman I end up with anyway on a Saturday or Sunday night. So nothing new in that. Although I sometimes wish they had some sort of intelligence cos the conversation rebounds between beer, kebabs, seeeeex and ciggies.
  15. Mongs like sex too, ask flash he breaks into the spac-club every week and tickles one of the window lickers plums......

    Flash says he smiles like a mad man and sprays everywhere.

    Bernoulli you'd be doing it a favour, who else would mount it :D