Is it ok to eat rations on your own time???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gazareth, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Right, i'm off to reading festival tomorrow. With the extortionate mean fiddler prices for the ticket, travel, budgeting for booze both in and outside the arena and the 3 weeks of leave prior to this post I've found myself a little short of cash in the ol' sky rocket.
    Now far be it from me to knock the nutritional value of a multipack of pork scratchings but I'm in need of something with a bit more substance for the next 5 days. I want to keep the weight in my pack down (more space and weight for booze) so whilst packing I came across a few buck shee ration packs.

    My question is this:
    Is it acceptable for me to turn up to reading festival, with my civvie mates who I've not seen for the best part of a year and eat ration packs whilst trying to catch up and relate to them without seeming savagely squaddiesque???

    And if so (or even not) are there any other occasions or instances that you've found yourself eating compo just to save a few measly pennies???
    Has anyone ever attempted a romantic meal using ration packs??

    Oh yeah, and to compound the situation I've left my belt kit in the G10 so don't have any cook kit. That's right hard routine corned beef hash!!
  2. Biscuits brown will come in handy.
  3. Gaz, go for it mate, a scoff's a scoff regardless of what colour the tin is.
    My son's packing list for Reading Leeds a few years back;

    32 cans Fosters
    3 tins beans

    My heart swelled with pride! Had he been in the TA I would heve encouraged him to take compo (he joined the year after)

    Have not tried romantic option, but excess rats have seen family through the 'skint week' whilst waiting for payday in Bunde
  4. Nowt wrong with that Gaz, good thinking Batman in my opinion.
  5. I use them regularly when out fishing. Civvie mates thought they were the mutts nuts. Go for it, grubs grub and all that. And if anyone has a campfire going, just rest your boillie quite close to the fire, heats up in no time.
  6. Treat it like a pot luck and scarf theirs before they get a chance to stop you... You end up with their stuff... they end up with your rats... Result... :twisted:
  7. I've been eating rat packs since leave started as well; my oppos seemed to throw away half their rations, so I just went through all the gash and took a bergen load; I've been living off chicken pate and syrup pudding and haven't looked back since. Mind you, it's now been about a week since my last sh*t, I'm so bunged up.

    As for the romantic dinner, I reckon the pasta and meatballs would go down a treat.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I got home tonight & the bl**dy power was off in the house.Apparently the electrical supply cable's fried!
    Got the old mess tins & stove out & a packet of Chicken pasta from a gash rat pack.Quite tasty...
  9. How the hell can you eat treacle track pad, even chogies wont eat it.
  10. Do you stll get Steak & Onions, always a fave, or for a quick snack oatmeal block with cheese possessed and whatever jam was handy.
    I even developed a liking for the tinned sausages, though thought the chicken curry too reminiscent of infant crap to enjoy fully.
    Can I come with you?
  11. The treacle pack is lovely! I just don't understand why nobody else likes them...
  12. You fucking joking, it's gorgeous! So sweet and dense and moist- it's like one of Rihanna's logs.
  13. Improvise, adapt and overcome. The phantom family are off camping for a few days over leave and the emergency rat packs are included in the packing list.
  14. Yeah I'm tempted at the moment because 0A has gone to 14D's with 11, 12 and 13 for the week and I can't be arrsed to cook, Hmm a good 'ole bag of chicken, mushrooms and pasta sounds an absolute treat at the mo!
  15. Hang on, hang on.

    Ok, i can dig the food consumption for 3 days = 3 tins of beans......we all need food.

    32 cans of weak aussie piss for 3 days!!!!!!!!! WTF.
    Surely a jedi in training would mock that amount!! Thats 10 beers for a whole day.

    I've seen this nearly done on dinner nights!!

    21...........Your lad needs training in the dark arts sir :D :headbang: