Is it OK to be in on friday night if your watching ZULU?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by onfire, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. answers on a postcard please
  2. i know, spelling mistake!
  3. Yes

    (with the proviso that you are in the company of beer!)


  4. Of course it is. What a daft question.
  5. great, thats me sorted then - until the fosters runs out!

    now, how do i persuade the other half to put out when she gets back from her works christmas do?! no criminal suggestions - unless you guarantee its success.

    im a fan of waiting til shes asleep, but i cant keep explaining why she has white poo when she wakes up ;-)

    only joking
  6. 'Fosters'? You're a sick man. Doesn't your local offie have anything less chemical?
  7. I was there
    If you look in the middle of the crowd on the hill at the farewell scene
    I'm the one with the spear and shield.
  8. Your only surposed to blow the bloo'y doors offffff.

    Oopppssssss wrong film

    "Dont throw bloo#y spears at me".

    you couldnt ask for a better night in mate, just make sure the Fosters dont run out !
  9. wogs, fousands of em...........

    now been cut of course, in case it upsets the schwartzers.... :lol:
  10. yup, definatly.... :D

    At least three yellow handbags reqd as well ....

    Drills and standards must be kept.... this is Zulu yer watching ... best send her back out for more beer and a gyros when she gets back from the works do...
  11. I'm with snapper on this one copious amounts of high powered "wife beater" lager, Men of Harlech full blast when they sing it just to p*ss the neighbours off and the wife on gyros duties.