Is it ODR or PCR????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chubby_Brown, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Got told as as usual that I have to attend court next day as a regimental rep. as I can't get any military transport I am authorised to use my own vehicle and then claim MMA when I get back.
    I go attend court and come back, submit JPA claim for MMA at ODR for 430 miles, I get auditted then recieve the correct amount. Now 5 months later I am told that money is being recovered and I have to claim it at PCR which doesn't even cover my fuel!

    The question is, which rate can I claim against as I am sure I was on duty, I didn't choose to go and i definetley didn't choose to take my own car.

    Next time they can poke it.
  2. Not too sure about the rules these days but I seem to recall that, if you use ODR, then the car can be used by your unit for future duty journies??? Happy to be corrected of course.

    Who authorised you to use your vehicle and why couldn't you use public transport?
  3. TSU need 48 hours notice for hire cars and as I had to be at court next morning public transport was out the question. RFM authorised for me to use private vehicle because of that.

    Just trying to get some clarification on the on duty or not thing as I am well confused!!!
  4. Unfortunately, you have been screwed by the system. You can argue all you like, but if you cannot show that you had the Budget Holder's agreement to claim ODR, you cannot do so. In future, you should not move unless you have the agreement of the BH in writing.

    Does the officer who detailed you know about this? Discuss with him first.

    If you are really aggrieved, you could submit a complaint. Detail the timelines etc, and the amount you are out of pocket, courtesy of the system, and see if the CO buckles. IIRC, you have 3 months from the date of audit and he has 28 days to respond.

    In order to lessen the pain, if you search the Finance forum, you will discover how to claim back the tax you have paid on the difference between PCR and the official HMRC rate, but that is only worth doing if you are driving lots of miles and you are a 40% taxpayer.

  5. It's about time ODR was done away with altogether and one realistic rate introduced! In the past 30 years I have seen ODR claimed on about 3 occasions - always causes alarm and despondency when someone tries - This is from JSP 752:


    04.0605. General. MMA at ODR is only authorised in exceptional circumstances. It may be authorised when Service personnel use their private motor vehicles on a duty journey when the use of a private motor vehicle is essential and it is clear that there is no cheaper alternative and provided that:
    a. Public transport is not available or is impractical. This should take
    account of the likely travelling time, available route, the requirement to carry bulky documents or equipment and personal disabilities; and
    b. Less expensive methods of conveyance could not be used without
    unacceptable delay or marked inconvenience to the Service. This should take into account any additional subsistence allowance which may have been paid if travel by public transport or other means had been used. Any parking charges or tolls should also been taken into consideration; and
    c. A MOD hire car is unavailable; and
    d. There is no spare seat available in a Service or private motor vehicle
    already scheduled to undertake a journey in the required direction; and
    e. Prior authority for the journey is given by the CO or other officer to whom the authority has been specifically designated. This is achieved by the Service person completing and submitting the appropriate single Service transport application form to the unit transport provider who will either provide the requested transport or authorise the Service person to use their private motor vehicle on official duty; and
    f. The vehicle is properly insured as outlined in paragraph 04.0617.
    It should be noted that the absence of first class rail facilities is not in itself justification for the use of a private vehicle and claiming MMA at ODR.

    Lots of hoops to jump through!!

  6. Or we are paid for duty journeys at the same rate as MPs!

  7. This was once told to me, when I wanted to claim for a journey. Some time later, I was asked to use my car for a journey I did not want to make. I explained that, though I would be delighted to assist, as my insurance no longer covered me for 'Business' purposes, legally, I couldn't.