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Is it me?

Has she got more minging?

  • Yes

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No

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  • I'd still do her

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  • Total voters
Given how minging she was in the first place, why are you looking for pictures of her? Have your eyes done something to offend you? Do you need to punish them?

And yes, I vote even more minging
She's one of the best 'Just say NO' adverts there is - her and Britney.

On would she get it, yeah when she first appeared but it'd only be a round to the skull now. As for Shitney she looks a bit on the downs syndrome side to me so no. A Mlar is a Mlar no matter how much orgasmic energy it contains.....


Book Reviewer
brucewillis said:
Old_Gregg said:
SauceDoctor said:
Awful shame, she used to be a bit of alright. I do hope she gets better, but I suspect she'll end up dead shortly. Sad.
She did indeed about 2 years ago before all the crack.

No tattoos either, I hate tats on a woman!
That I would fukc until the neighbours complained about the smell
Now she reminds me of one of those skanky German porn stars from the 70s- 80s
My mate lent me a film called faust party
I expected a compilation film of Germany's premier fire and throw away anti tank weapon of WW2
Imagine my suprise when it turned out to be a gang of Winehouses elbow deep in each other
I checked it to the end and well no anti armour weapons in it
Most dissapointing
Welshexpat said:
I whipped off a batch over that first post.

Nice car!
Its only a Beemer FFS! You need to come to my local Ferari / Masserati Garrage (I can often be seen hanginging around there in a long mac :D )

Edited to add, sorry went of topic there - yes she is a gopping crack whore.

Minging just doesn't cut it when it comes to this bint... :x

I could have searched the dictionary for a better description but my eyes :omg: have just taken a battering.

I imagine Anne Widecombs hairy hoop looks alot better.

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