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Is it me?

"This is the largest ever police presence in a Gay Pride parade and I am delighted that it is happening in Manchester, one of the world's most welcoming and diverse cities."
What he really meant to say was:

"This is the largest ever police presence in a Gay Pride parade. Most of the lads were forced to do this on pain of the sack. Quite frankly it's a fcuking embarrassment that it's happening in Manchester - or why for that matter. It's a rain-soaked, rubbish-strewn shitehole full of chavs!"


War Hero
Book Reviewer
This is a bandwagon that our glorious "management" (i wont grace them with any title that suggests that they supply anyform of leadership) jump on annually in order to show evidence of how diverse they are for their next promotion board. If i was gay (which im not) it would piss me off when all these tw@ts hitch themselves to the parade in order to gain "right on" credibility.
Ive known those with an early eye on promotion to join these pressure groups just to get on. Dont expect to see any of them on the streets though they soon find themselves important office based nonjobs to do thus taking another uniformed post up and off the thin blue line.
Rant over.

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