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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Yeah........and?
  2. Well we have a hard enough job getting green kit issued, yet alone desert. Wondering what the motivation behing it was.
  3. Even being in 95's is bad enough - at my (regular) unit, we could only exchange one set a month!!!

    *edited 'cos I sounded like a cadet!!!
  4. They obviously have too much money in the company fund.

    CO ' Well CSM what do you think we should buy to make the little darlings enjoy annual camp more this year?'

    CSM 'well boss the army seem to be wearing a lot of the desert kit lately lets get them some of that. They can look real aly and blend in with the green grass(?)


    Saying that though Ive been to a couple of brigade comps and whoever is acting as enemy gets issued with the desert kit.
    I guess its a case of if you can get it then fair enough. Its not really hurting anyone I suppose, and as far as I am aware there are no rules against it. Its British military issue so if people want to stop them wearing it then you could argue the point and say to stop anything else from being worn that is not the norm in the cadet force.

    My two tuppence worth anyhoo.

    Its jealousy really isnt it rab :)
  5. Yeah actually, I can imagine the gripping i'd get if I asked my CAA for a detachments worth of Desert Kit.

    Ah well, good luck to them I suppose.
  6. Another company in our county got a load in for last annual camp to dress up the 3* cadre to play the en for the excercise. To be honest listening to them they seemed pretty chuffed to look different to the others. Im all for it if it acts like a morale boost but if its cadre commanders acting like its there private militia on camps then it needs to be stamped out.
    The best enemy uniform ive seen is a mcdonalds uniform!!
  7. actually i think it is quite useful round the sand dunes at Altcar, it is different from the usual format and perhaps thats the reason behind it, the FUN factor etc also i noticed in some of the pics that cadets were wearing Green jacket and dessie kecks , so maybe that also a way to distinguish opposing forces.
  8. Some years ago, cadets from YACF spent a couple of weeks with 1LI out in Cyprus. They were issued with desert kit for this (old style from GW1 I think).
  9. Good to see my website is being noticed :)

    We had 2 companies out on the training area for the field exercise and our company was issued deserts to distinguish them. I thought it was a good idea as not only did it distinguish us but it also meant we could save a set of green kit from getting dirty.

    The reason you see some people in green jackets is because it was a bit chilly at times and no-one was issued desert jackets.
  10. Im assuming you're still in Malawi?
  11. Indeed I am, only for another 3 weeks though.

    Definitely in need of English beer, I cannot stand this nats wee anymore.
  12. All I can say is that you must have an excellent CAA mate.
  13. I think they may have been bought privately. Not totally sure, hey not that bothered about it really.
  14. we had them when some of us went out to visit 1 rir in canada a few years ago.coz thats what everyone on the base was wearing and they had some going spare-so we borrowed them for the week.seemed fairt enough but i dont think it should be done if other units that need them for ops arent getting their hands on enough sets