Is it me, or would Nicola Horlick "get it?".

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigjimdangley, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Question Time

    Well would she?
    I know she's " fir Shin Feign", but I reckon she's fit. (I haven't been listening to what she's been saying but she makes me want to grow a Gerry Adams beard!
    Grrrrrrrrr,,,,woof woof!
  2. only if she wore a Balaclava and an old DPM Smock in the back of a MKII vauchall Astra that smelt of damp earth.
  3. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh *thrap thrap thrap thrap thrap.........................................!*
  4. horlick.jpg

    She looks more like a window licker... or possibly;

  5. Thats dianne Abbot your looking at.
  6. I'm watching this shit in fucking shock
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  7. That fucking coon bint wants slinging back in the gorilla enclosure!
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  8. Shed get "it" fo' sho'

    "It" being a 9mm behind the ear.
  9. Martina Anderson has just set the cat amongst the pigeons. Fucking Murderer!

  10. You sure your avatar's legal? Just asking like !

    Shit, not avatar but that video thingy
  11. That Owen Paterson was utterly shite....did I hear right when he said it would be like 'a rinky dinky Scandanavian Democracy'?!
    Mind you...he got the Provos back up when he praised the Armed Forces!
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  12. Honestly hands in the air shamelssly declaring herself ex IRA.

    I hope some cunt is outside revving up to slot the bitch
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  13. Not as good as when we were on it!
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  14. It's a fucking outrage. She should be locked up as she leaves the studio the wench! How dare they speak so freely about it after years of hiding behind balaclava's and killing civilians.
  15. We were on home territory, we would've gone down
    Like a dog shit sandwich in the audience tonight :)
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