Is it me or is this wrong?

I got this from today's mirror (yes, I know, that bit's wrong!) Is it me or is it wrong to use your 16 year old daughter to get you a bloke? :?


'We both need a boyfriend'

By Andy Lines

THE Duchess of York says she and her 16-year-old daughter Beatrice go out hunting for boyfriends together.

She revealed she is desperate to fall in love again - and now has Beatrice to help her find a man.

Fergie said: "It's such fun because we go out on the pull together and I say, 'Look, what about him?' and she says, 'Oh, Mum, no!' We're so close - we're mates. We have a real laugh."

She added: "We always talk about boyfriends. She longs for me to have one and I long for her to have one.

"I've told her she mustn't fret. She mustn't worry if other people have boyfriends - her time will come.

"The other day she had a wobbly and said she didn't want to be grown-up, not that day, so she just sat with me and had a hug.

"It's OK to be a little girl. I'm 45 and I still feel like a little girl."

The duchess is very hopeful she could still find Mr Right - "as long as he laughs and doesn't mind the cameras are on me.

"Some spontaneity would be nice, to have someone say, 'Come on, we're off to Paris for the weekend'."

In an interview with ES magazine Fergie described for the first time how low she felt following her divorce from Prince Andrew.

She said: "I would never commit suicide because I'm far too practical. However I felt really bad. It was as low as I could go."

But she added: "We get on so well now. We are different people now. We support each other and if in doubt I will ring him up and say, 'Listen, I can't cope' - we're a family really."

But she dismissed as "rubbish" any speculation that they would remarry and said she now felt like a "nomad".

She said: "I don't have a home and I don't want one. I like to go where I feel - I have a rented cottage but I've just given that up. It's very brave and it's going to be interesting."

She said she is desperate not to make the same mistakes as her mother Susan, who left the family - husband Major Ron Ferguson, 12-year-old Sarah and older sister Jane - in 1971 to set up home in Argentina with polo player Hector Barrantes.

It is only now that Fergie realises what a huge hole it left in her life.

She said: "Looking at the girls now I realise how much I missed having a mother.

"Now is the time in Beatrice's life when she really needs to know that her mother is strong and there."


It is wrong because they are both hideous ginger mingers. Even worse, 'Princess' Beatrice looks like a gwar, girlie version of her cretinous dad. Yuck.
Glad I'm not the only one one who feels this is wrong. Normally a mother /daughter(over-age obviously!) combination out on the pull is quite funny to watch. Also mildly erotic if the mum is a milf. But in this case it just seems so wrong on so many levels, not just the ginger munter aspects! 8O
Sounds like the typical Ashvale Dog scenario to me!!! Anyone remember Ashvale rose and her daughter. She used to do the same!! Question is will her mum allow duty squaddie to do the daughter after she's had her fill or for that matter the other way around!!!!! "Beatrix have finnished with him yet mummy needs a good seeing too" :oops: :evil: Oh God no!!!!!!!! Dosen't bare thinking about!!! 8O

Talk about keeping you awake with nightmares 8O
Mullet_Hunter said:
"It's OK to be a little girl. I'm 45 and I still feel like a little girl."

It is only now that Fergie realises what a huge hole it left in her life.
Shame you don't look like one.

What, having 2 kids.
"the black widow" used to frequent chattenden stomp for many a year with daughter AND grandaughter , what a f*cking horror , but she still used to get laid regularly , you could see her lurking like her predatory namesake , looking for the most mullered sapper in the place , and she'd be on him like a flash. :D
Biscuits_AB said:
I don't know. I'd poke all three of them.
And you'd end up on a sex offenders register for the youngest(14!). Surely there should be a gwa offenders register, to list all those who've shagged one. Errr, hang on ........
Anyone remember the Frimley Grimley!!!!! I was once asked to dance by her at the Vale!!!!! Didn't dare say no as she was about 3 inch taller and about 8 stone heavier than me at the time!!!! Tahnks for the memory lads, better contact my psychiatrist again!!! :cry:
Are they loaded still? If so, I'm their man. The one on the right would get it. All women look good with my smock on and a pillow shoved in their face. The muffled sounds of "I Love ABC" coming out never fail to turn me on either....
I must admit I'd put up with the 'multi-storey-car-park-stairwell' aroma for a shot at the one on the right. 8O
Purely for research purposes how about seeing them in a "Razzle stack"

quick pass me that bucket :oops:
I would do the one on the right and Fergie. Is it true that Gwa minge tastes like battery acid?
Everybody needs a bit of lovin! even Gwa princeses.
Yeah, its true. Like sticking a 9 volt battery on your tongue. Just for the record, i'd do fergie and the one on the right. After all, you dont have to go "downstairs", its downright wrong to do so with a gwa 8O

Must admit having not seen a woman in the flesh for just over a week if she was in my cabin at the moment the one on the right would probably get it!!!! but I'd have to do a serious hitch without poooontang to give Ferrgit and a severe woggering!!!! and then I'd have to be pissed and we don't have booze out here either. :cry: :cry: :evil:

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