is it me, or is the site now completely facked?

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Any chance of something a little more helpful? Which navigation links and what happens?
Ive taken to using the pda version, it loads a bit faster and is a bit more arby-friendly. Am I the only one that gets the feeling a lot of these "site issues" with the new version are maybe "user-based"?
For gods sake - leave up for 5 minutes. I'm working on the bloody thing. See the other two threads I've just replied on.

arrse/last 50 posts

my stuff/my posts

all broken:

[last 50] - The URL that you requested, /cpgn2/Forums/search/search_id=latestposts.html, could not be found. Perhaps you either mistyped the URL or we have a broken link.

My browser [FF] refusing to render the pages properly, banners appearing alright, layout seems ok (not sue, cos' it's new) but text seems to be reverting to browser default font and size.

hope this helps.

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