Is it me or is the BBC missing someone?

Is the BBC missing a Middle East correspondent? You can hardly tell from the news.

BBC news website

I've been watching this page on and off all day. At its peak there were four links to the Alan Johnston story.

My point is this; sorry, tragic, ridiculous etc. Yes. But why does the journo industry think that we are any more interested in this story simply because they think it is newsworthy? Nowhere does the media overestimate itself more visibly than when one of their own appears in the spotlight. ITN was even worse with months of nightly homilies to Terry flippin' Lloyd (not that I make a habit of watching ITN).

So - Alan, come back home safe. Beeb - buck up! Or I shall not pay my licence fee for another year.
I should have thought the BBC would have paid the ransom by now.....they've been the Voice of Palestine for so long now that you'd think he's have turned up dead or alive by now

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