Is it me or is Ray Mears a Fat Cnut?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by E-Layer, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Now don't get me wrong...I think the bloke is the Mutts Shands when it comes to all things wilderness-like

    But for one who lives on wichety grubs, camel snot and stingies don't you think he's a tad porky?
  2. It's down to large quantities of Guiness and pork scratchings. Well, we can't have him looking emaciated on the box while he's telling the audience how nutricious birch bark tea is, can we?
  3. My thoughts too. He doesn't seem to have any trouble finding food in the wilderness. I bet he can make pies out of shite and even make it tasteful :thumright:
  4. Astonishing he gets anything down going by the state of his teeth!
    Ever notice that his mouth is closed in all his publicity photos?

    Here's an example:
  5. It just goes to show how good he is at finding allot of food in the middle of nowhere with a sharp knife and a stick!!

    He's the mutts nuts but yes he's definitely got a bit of Norway stores.
  6. Do you think at the end of filming each episode, he gets up and says "Right sod this shit, lets get down the pub and get a good old pub lunch in my stomach"

    I bet the the film crew then go to a "two for One" restaurant but Ray orders two for himself. When the film crew look on in disbelief Ray says "Well ive just had to eat leaves and moss for two weeks"
  7. Of course he's fat - the bloke can't walk through a park without ingesting three stone of assorted vegetation, wildlife and pets...What amazes me is how thin his side-kick "Gordon" is. You'd think the producer or director would make sure they had fair shares of dandelion and worms wouldn't you?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cuddles you bugger, I need to wipe my monitor now. I'm going to use some of these answers as excuses for my round tellytubby figure in future!
  9. Actually he was on the Paul O'Grady show last week or so, and he's lost a lot of weight
  10. he is a bit of a chubb
  11. He is a bit of a fatty.

    Maybe he should do a "Wilderness Survival Series for Porkers" which involve moving through all sorts of survival environments only eating "low fat bark" and the "Simple Red Ants" which if you eat rather than your usual craving you could lose up to an inch from your waist.

    Also how about a DVD, “Whittle your way to Fitness” by Ray Mears
    "Don't just take our advice, listen to our great reviews
    "i lost over 200g when i chopped my finger off" -Shotgun Ned, Texas